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Celebrating 20 Years

Our story began over 25 years ago with our founder's breast cancer diagnosis. Unable to find anything stylish to conceal the hair loss she experienced from chemotherapy treatments, Carol Galland set out to make the journey a little bit easier for others. We were the very first online store specializing in hats, wigs and turbans for individuals with hair loss. In fact, most of the designs you will find elsewhere originated right more

We are here to empower cancer patients and individuals with hair loss by providing quality products that allow individuals to feel like themselves again. Over the years, individuals with alopecia, trichotillomania and other medical hair loss conditions have found that their needs match the needs of our customers with cancer. We are proud to have served them and to innovate many new products with their help and guidance. We were the first company of our kind and are proud to have changed the way that hair loss is viewed and managed during cancer treatments. Today we celebrate all of our customers and thank them for their loyalty and the inspiration over the past 20 years.

What People Are Saying About Us

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Sherry Moore, Stockbridge, Georgia
I am so grateful for Headcovers and the hats they offer. I wanted to attend my son's college graduation, but my hair loss is so severe the last thing I wanted was for people to focus on that instead of the huge accomplishment of my son. I was embarrassed to say the least. Just a couple of more before the date I found the Headcovers site. I poured over the selection and with great nervousness I ordered the Eliana hat. People liked it very much and I was so relieved to spend that day focused on my family and not on my baldness. Thank you so much for giving me that.Read more
Vicky Tobleman, La Marque, Texas
Vicky Tobleman, La Marque, Texas
My daughter's wedding in December was right in the middle of my chemo sessions - what was I going to do? She wanted me to walk her down the aisle (her dad had died 18 years ago). I had discovered and ordered chemo hats from them; then I realized they were located in League City, more right down the street from me. My son & daughter and I visited their store and discovered this hat - it was our answer! My whole mother-of-the-bride outfit revolved around this hat. It gave me the confidence to walk her down the aisle & celebrate with her & her new husband all evening. Thank you, Headcovers, for helping make this a occasion even more memoriable!Read more
Alicia Thomson, California
After my latest round of chemo, I found myself in the Emergency Department with Neutropenic Fever. Let's admit it, there's nothing comforting about a hospital gown and no-slip socks. But, the one thing that gave me continued warmth and comfort was my more I know that all of the medical professionals around me would not have had the slightest issue with my baldness, but in a situation where one has no control, this was the one, and only, comfort I had. I stayed in the hospital for five days and received many compliments on the beautiful, intricate fabric and style. My Headcover is a gift from a dear friend, a gift that has brought me so much comfort and confidence throughout my journey with Ovarian Cancer.Read more

At 40 years old, Carol Galland emerged from breast cancer surgery wearing an embarrassing surgical cap. She looked, but could not find any hats or wigs that were either flattering or attractive. She vowed that if she survived, she would change this situation for other cancer patients. When she went into remission, she began creating the head coverings for others that she had so desperately wanted for herself. As a cosmetologist, Carol had an eye for fashion and the designs that flatter those with hair more

Our hats and wigs do not come from the perspective of a medical or cancer hat and wig company but are inspired by the latest fashion trends. Our designer wigs are created by the top hair stylists in the world and keep our customers looking fresh and relevant. We have innovated the headwear designs that others strive to emulate.

Style is not the only keystone that sets us apart. Our soft hats, turbans and scarves are created in the highest quality fabrics and they offer the fit and comfort that would be expected in the finest boutiques and department stores. All of our hats and turbans are designed to provide full head coverage, eliminating the need for additional liners or headbands to conceal hair loss.

Women with alopecia are a fountain of encouragement and insight for those who are newly experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy or other conditions. They are the experts as they have lived with hair loss for most of their lives. In fact, it is with their guidance that we created our human hair eyebrows and eyelashes.