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Some pre tied scarves require no tying at all, while others simply require tying a simple knot or bow. Pre-tied head scarves can be a great option for those desiring a quick, easy look without the hassle of a full scarf that must be tied by hand. These convenient head coverings make ideal chemo scarves due to how easy they are. They can be slipped on quickly and come in a variety of styles, colors and patterns.
  1. Grace Headwrap Headcovering
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    Grace Headwrap Headcovering
    Retail $29.99 Our Price $24.99
  2. 100% Cotton Looped Accessory Beanie
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    100% Cotton Looped Accessory Beanie
    Retail $29.99 Our Price $19.99
  3. Emma - Pre-Tied Scarf
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    Emma - Pre-Tied Scarf
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  4. Scarf Turban
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    Scarf Turban
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Pre-Tied Scarves from Headcovers

If you’re the type of person who’d rather catch a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning than spend time fussing around tying knots, then you’ll love our pre-tied scarf options. These handy scarves are soft, comfortable, and hassle-free, which makes them great as head wraps for cancer patients. Wear them under a hat or all alone to boost your confidence and face the world with effortless style.


What is a Pre Tied Scarf?

A pre-tied scarf is a headcovering that plays a harmless trick on the observer - when worn, it looks like a free form scarf that’s been expertly twisted to cover the head with a fashionable flair. However, in reality they actually slip on like skull caps. The tie detail at the nape of the neck secures the look and prevents the slippage usually associated with head scarves, while the gathers and folds in the cap lend a flattering volume.


Why Our Customers Love Pre-Tied Scarves

For people dealing with hair loss, convenience is key - but that doesn’t mean that style needs to be sacrificed. People love our pre tied head scarves because they are as simple to wear as throwing on a ball cap, yet they lend an elevated, feminine appearance. Pre-tied scarves work wonderfully as chemo scarves, because of how smooth they are on the inside. Our ready tied scarves come in beautiful colors and prints at an affordable price point, so you can mix and match your chemo scarves for different outfits and occasions.


Find a Pre-Tied Scarf to Suit Your Style

Our wide selection of pre tied head scarves ensures an option for every aesthetic. The classic lady will love our Bamboo Scarf Beanie by Cardani, a flattering cancer head scarf that comes in a smattering of key, basic colors. The Pre Tied Scarf in Crinkle Chiffon is perfect for the fashionista that craves luxury and elegance. If you are a lover of flowers or an avid gardener (or both), the Hannah Head Wrap brings to mind vibrant, blooming beds of spring delight. Plus, bright colors and organic shapes are scientifically proven to make you feel better. Bohemian souls may gravitate towards our pre-tied scarves in groovy cotton prints, while a sporty gal might like the Krista Visor Scarf. Still, if you’re anything like us, your mood changes by the day – so don’t be afraid to buy a handful of pre-tied head scarves across the style spectrum.


The Best Pre-Tied Scarves for Sensitive Scalps

If you’re experiencing hair loss, your head is probably extra sensitive to heat, cold, and moisture. That’s why all of our headcovers are vetted for comfort, free of annoying seams or scratchy materials. However, if your scalp is more sensitive than most, we highly recommend focusing on products made out of bamboo. Known for its antibacterial superpowers, as well as a lightweight feel and sumptuous texture, bamboo is a champion of sensitive scalps everywhere. Unlike polyester, bamboo offers natural ventilation which helps to prevent sweaty, overheated scalps. Check out our Cardani Easy on Pre Tied Scarf, designed by our very own Danielle Yates, which one customer describes as “unbelievably soft.”



More Resources for Dealing with Hair Loss

While we do specialize in offering head wraps for cancer patients and people with other illnesses, we also know that fighting cancer is about much more than finding a headcovering or wig. Check out our resources page for answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. And don’t forget – our stylists are here to help you navigate through your hair loss journey as well. Just call 1-800-264-HATS.