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Since 1995, Headcovers has specialized in offering comfortable, stylish, and high-quality headwear for individuals experiencing hair loss due to cancer, chemotherapy, alopecia, lupus, and more. Our lovingly designed collection of hats, scarves, and head covers is designed with unique features, like full-coverage silhouettes and seamless construction, in styles to suit every personality.
  1. Three Seam Turban - 100% Cotton Hat
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    Three Seam Turban - 100% Cotton Hat
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    Basic Bucket Brim Hat | UPF 50+ Hat
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Headwear & Hats from Headcovers


A cancer diagnosis can feel incredibly daunting, and you’ll have a lot to think about during cancer treatment without worrying about your appearance. Hair loss caused by cancer, chemotherapy, or other health conditions like alopecia can take a serious toll on your self-confidence, but the right hats and head covers can help you feel more like yourself. At Headcovers, we’ve carefully curated an extensive collection of headgear for cancer patients and other individuals looking for fashionable solutions to hair loss.




How We Design Cancer Headwear


Our chemo headwear might look like something you’d buy in your favorite boutique—and that’s our goal!—but it’s specially designed with details that benefit individuals dealing with hair loss. We keep these unique features in mind when designing cute hats for cancer patients: 


Preventing Irritation: Whenever we add a new item to our collection of chemo headwear, our first concern is comfort. Our head covers and hats are designed with innovative liners and minimal seams to prevent irritation on the sensitive skin of the scalp. This makes it easy to wear our hats all day, no matter what your plans entail.


Providing Full Coverage: Unlike standard hats, the styles in our collection are designed to provide coverage for your entire scalp, including areas near the hairline and at the nape of the neck. Our full coverage silhouettes help to disguise hair loss, provide a sense of security during daily wear, and offer flexibility to conceal the hairline as your hair begins to grow back after your treatment is complete.


Adding Volume: Many of our cancer head covers are designed with extra volume at the crown or the back of the head. This styling works to give the illusion of hair tucked underneath the hat, which provides a more flattering, natural silhouette.


Matching Your Personal Style: Along with the practical design considerations above, it’s important that any hat you choose feels like you. For this reason, we’re constantly expanding our collection to include new silhouettes, colors, and fabrics. Whether you’re seeking a sleek cloche for a night out, a sporty baseball cap for an afternoon with the kids, or a breezy pre-tied scarf for a day around town, we offer hundreds of choices that will complement your personal style.


Choosing the Right Chemo Head Covers


If you’re not accustomed to wearing hats regularly, choosing a hat after hair loss can feel like an especially challenging task. What style will look flattering and feel comfortable? Luckily, we have decades of experience to draw from when helping you find the perfect hat or head cover!


When choosing headgear, the first thing you should consider is face shape. This handy guide will help you figure out which face shape most closely matches yours, and then provide recommendations to find the perfect hat. From wide brims for pear-shaped faces to rounded crowns for square faces, we’ve matched key headwear styles to their corresponding features. Our chemo headwear buying guide provides tips and tricks to keep in mind when buying a hat, to ensure you select the most comfortable and flattering cancer headwear style.


Once you’ve determined the best styles for your face shape, the next step is building a basic wardrobe of head covers. We recommend five key pieces that should have you covered for most daily activities, though of course you can expand your collection to better showcase your personal style! Start with a soft beanie or turban for everyday wear, a pre-tied scarf in a pretty pattern for a sophisticated look, and a wide-brimmed hat or baseball cap for sun protection (which is especially important because cancer treatment can make your skin more sensitive to damage from UV rays). Finally, we recommend a simple hat liner to prevent any irritation from your new headwear, and a sleep cap to protect the skin of your scalp and minimize heat loss overnight. Once you’ve selected those basic pieces, feel free to have fun with additional styles like a chic beret or a playful newsboy cap.

Headwear for Women, Men & Children

Women’s Headwear

Headcovers is proud to have served women with hair loss for several decades. The defining goal that ties our vast collection together is our commitment to helping women with hair loss find the perfect hat of scarf to make them feel comfortable. From red-carpet ready classic hats and cloches to soft sleep caps to protect sensitive scalps while undergoing chemo, our goal is to cover you in comfy style. Browse our baseball caps, beanies, berets, pre-tied scarves, sun hats, turbans, and other styles. A hat can make you look and feel better about hair loss, so embrace your inner hat-lover and find the perfect topper to make your own personal statement!

Men’s Headwear

While many men who are balding naturally or dealing with illness-related hair loss decide to shave their heads, others fret about this as much as women. Whether you are the kind of guy who loves wearing baseball caps or classy fedoras, Headcovers offers a carefully curated collection of men’s hats for different needs and occasions. From casual 100% cotton knit beanies and super soft sleep caps ideal for chemo to great looking styles for all four seasons, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect hat to fit your own unique vibe. Browse our versatile selection of handsome, hip, elegant, sporty, dressy, and soothing chemo headwear options today.

Children’s Headwear

Wearing a hat to cover hair loss can help children feel more at ease and boost their confidence. Our unique collection of adorable, pretty, and fun hats are available in styles and colors for boys and girls — newborns to school-age kids. From playful crocheted beanies embellished with unique detailing to classic styles that can be worn every day to school, our children’s hats are made with ultimate comfort and style in mind.


The Headcovers Story

When our founder was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1989, it became her goal to make the journey of cancer treatment less difficult for others. She founded Headcovers to help cancer patients cope with the emotional challenge of hair loss during an already difficult time. For more than twenty years, our woman-owned company has offered the most comfortable, fashionable, and innovative headwear for hair loss. During those years, we’ve developed a unique expertise—and we’re always here to help! If you have questions about finding the right chemo headwear, call us at 1-800-264-4287 (HATS).