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Selecting a Hair Color

Choosing the right wig color can be a challenge. If you've never worn a wig before, our large selection of color codes can be overwhelming. Please remember that we are here to help. Our online color swatches are intended as a general guideline only. Due to individual monitor settings and lighting conditions, actual wig colors can vary from what you see on your screen. For this reason, we do not recommend choosing your color based on hair swatches alone. This video will walk you through 5 different ways to effectively select your hair color.

Through years of experience, we have found that our customers are much happier when they utilize one or more of the following 5 options.



Send Us a Hair Swatch

Send us a hair swatch and let us choose the best possible color match for you. This is the very best way to ensure that you will receive a color you are happy with. Our cosmetologist, with years of experience in wigs and hair color, will personally select the best possible match for you.

  • Instructions for Hair Swatches: 

    When you place your online order, select "Sending Hair Swatch" for your color selection. Send us your hair swatch via regular mail with your order number. We will hold your order until we receive the hair swatch and contact you to discuss your options.

  • Preparing Your Hair Swatch:

    Cut a section that is at least 1.25" long by 1/4" across. (If you can spare a little more, it will make our job easier). *Make sure that your hair swatch is taken from the section of your hair that you wish to match. Tape your hair swatch to a plain, unlined white sheet of paper. Write your name, phone number, email address and order number along with the wig style(s) you are ordering.  

 Mail to: Headcovers Unlimited, Attn. Wig Consultant, 214 S. Iowa Avenue, League City, TX 77573




 Send Us A Picture:

When you select a color from the drop down menu (as you are adding your wig to the shopping cart), select "Sending Picture" for the color option. We will help you choose the best color based on the picture. This step can be done alone but if you can also send a hair swatch, this is even better. Because our experts do spend a great deal of time assisting our customers in their selections, we do ask that you pre-order your wig to receive your free consultation.

If you are matching your own hair color, it is best to include more than one photograph of yourself taken under different lighting conditions for comparison. If you prefer a color other than your own, you can send us a photo of your favorite celebrity, a photo of a model in your favorite fashion magazine, or even a photo of a friend or relative. We will contact you when we receive your photo(s) and we will work with you until you are comfortable with our recommendations. Photos can be emailed if you prefer. Please call us for instructions on where to send the photographs.



Cross Reference To Your Current Wig Color

If you are an experienced wig wearer, you can provide us with the color and brand that you are currently wearing. We will cross match that color to any other brand we carry. For example, if you know you are wearing color 8 by Jon Renau, we can offer a comparable color in the Raquel Welch wig that you have selected.

To choose this option, select "Cross Reference" from the color options when you add your wig to your shopping cart. Our cosmetologist will contact you to discuss your options and help you choose a suitable color.




Phone Consultation

When adding the wig style of your choice to your shopping cart, select "Consultation Requested" from the drop down color menu. Our cosmetologist will contact you to discuss your options. When selecting this option, it is helpful if you give us the following information: 


  • Description

    A detailed description of what you want.What color intensity did you have in mind? (Do you want a light brown, a medium brown, or a dark brown?) Do you want a color with ashy undertones, golden undertones, or reddish undertones? Do you want a frosted look, a highlighted look, or a monotone look?

  • Frame of Reference

    Browse through our on-line catalog. Without considering style, find wigs with colors that appeal to you. Jot down the wig styles that had colors you liked. This will give us a common frame of reference from which we can work with you.

Our licensed cosmetologist can usually guide you in selecting a color you are pleased with. Please keep in mind, however, that color can be very subjective. What one person considers dark brown, for example, may be medium brown to another. This is why we ask that you select photos of colors from our website that you like. It helps to have a common frame of reference.



Buy a Color Ring

We don't encourage this method because color rings are expensive and it is difficult for a novice to envision what it will look like based on a small hair sample. In addition, color rings range from $34 - 75 per ring, depending on the wig manufacturer. In the time it takes to receive the color ring in the mail, you could have sent in a hair swatch or a picture, without paying for a nonreturnable color ring you may never use again.


In our experience, our customers are usually happier when they let our experienced professionals choose their color for them. If you would still like to order a color ring, please call us at 1-800-264-HATS and we will be happy to assist you in ordering the proper ring.



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Mrs Review by Wig Colors | Selecting A Hair Color | Headcovers
100 100

Going thru chemo therapy and the cost of real hair is double the “heat friendly” hair. -lis I had long hair which would take a year Re- grow my hair back to the lenh3th I had would take a year at least. Please direct me to the correct short hair wig to purchase.(Posted on 01/03/2019)

  • Hi Lisa. We would be happy to help you select a wig. Please get in touch with our wig team at 1-800-264-4287 and we would be happy to walk you through the process! (01/09/2019)
Ms Review by Wig Colors | Selecting A Hair Color | Headcovers
100 100

How do I attach this to my hat?(Posted on 11/28/2018)

Bun Review by Wig Colors | Selecting A Hair Color | Headcovers
100 100

Can n the wigs be lighten , Such as can silver be lightened by me(Posted on 07/24/2018)

  • We do not recommend attempting to change the color of a synthetic wig. Some human hair wigs can be altered. Please reach out to us with any specific questions about a particular product and we'd be happy to assist! (04/17/2019)
Ms. Review by Wig Colors | Selecting A Hair Color | Headcovers
100 100

Dear Tine - Your review was so very encouraging for me. At last I think I will be able to find the perfect wig for me. I was feeling like a weirdo and the only woman in this world that can not ever have hair or a wig. I am like you. I have a very small head, deffinitely need a Petite sizebut a new modern look. I like my hair to move and prefer the natural messy beach look. I have a wide forehead with a hair line that goes way back. I like the styles of Jon Renau,Estetica & Roquel Welch,Ellen Willie, Rene of Paris etc. But I find so few Petites in all brands. I need a variegated blonde. TRINA(Posted on 07/07/2018)

Mrs Review by Wig Colors | Selecting A Hair Color | Headcovers
100 100

Purchased the textured pixie wig. It looks amazingly real, people ask if I have dyed my hair, not are you wearing wig. No wish it came in a lighter. Shade of red, light auburn would be great. If I could get closer to my own color I would buy in a heartbes t. Good quality and vaslue(Posted on 02/21/2018)

Person who want s to buy a wig/topper Review by Wig Colors | Selecting A Hair Color | Headcovers
100 100

I like the Raquel Welch color Golden Pecn. Can you tell me what would be a similar color in a Jon Renau and in a Gabor topper or wig. I am interested in wigs in these 2 lines and have no ideas what would be a similar color. Thank you! Emm(Posted on 01/27/2018)

  • The color would depend on which style you are interested in. Each style will come in its own unique selection of colors. The first step would be to narrow down your style choices. Once you know that, we can help you select a similar color. Please feel free to reach out to us with further questions. (04/17/2019)
Angela Review by Wig Colors | Selecting A Hair Color | Headcovers
100 100

Hi, I am currently wearing an ellen wille wig (icone) synthetic in the colour tobacco rooted. I have since found out that they have discontinued this colour. The wig is still available but not in the tobacco rooted colour anymore. Can you please suggest a colour that would be similar to this in another wig brand. Thanks Angie(Posted on 12/06/2017)

  • The wig color that would match most closely would depend on the wig style and brand you are considering. Every single wig will come in a different selection of colors so you would need to narrow down your styles first. If you would like to reach out to us, we would be happy to assist you further. (04/17/2019)
Ellen Wille Review by Wig Colors | Selecting A Hair Color | Headcovers
100 100

Have to say, this wig manufacturer was highly recommended to me. I am impressed, my problem is I have a small head. I have purchased two that I have only worn for a couple of hours (average size) being honest took away loads of confidence for a few months, I thought, hey just get on with it!. Found the petite disc, hey ho I am happy. So happy that I am now looking for a real hair one. " Not a lot on the market" for petite heads.Lucky me! I have found Awards pure power petite by Ellen Wille. I am about to place my order. Any disappointment I will post. I am just so very happy to have found a petite real hair wig in my favourite style. Good Luck to all you ladies that are having similar problems. The manufacturers are getting better.(Posted on 02/18/2017)

  • Thank you for your comments. Please don't hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance. (02/20/2017)
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