The Best Women's Hair Toppers

Hair Toppers. Hairpieces. Wiglets. These little wigs go by many names, but they all serve the same purpose: to cover up thinning hair. With so many names, forms, and figure, women often get frustrated when shopping for hair toppers. Shopping for the best women's hair toppers can make you feel like you're a pirate without a map searching for hidden treasure. Think of this article as your treasure map. We'll take you through the steps of finding the right topper, and give you our editor's top picks for the best women's hair toppers.

What Makes a Hair Topper the "Best'?

To find the best hair topper, we have to learn what it means to be the "best." There are a lot of factors to consider, and the best hair topper will vary from woman to woman. However, there are some things that are universal important when you're searching for the best topper: 

1. Coverage Type: 

Coverage is one of the most important things to consider when searching for your topper. After all, coverage is the main reason women buy toppers. Look at the area you are experiencing hair loss, and use our hair toppers guide at this link to determine what level and type of coverage you need. Visit our toppers guide at this link.

2. Texture & Hair Type: 

When you're looking for your topper, you should always take hair texture into consideration. Try to find a hair topper with a similar texture to your own hair for the most realistic look. This is especially important if your hair topper is made from standard, non-heat friendly synthetic hair, as you will not be able to heat style your topper with your own hair.  A heat friendly synthetic hair topper or human hair topper will allow you to style the topper with your own hair for a seamless and realistic look. 

3. Hair Color

The closer the color of your hair topper matches the color of your hair, the more realistic it will look. Visit our wig color guide here, or consult with our wig expert via email or phone call at 1-800-264-4287 to help you find the best color match for your hair topper. 

4. Overall Quality

It is important to get a high-quality topper to ensure a realistic look and a long-lasting hairpiece. It can be hard to know if a topper is high quality or not. To ensure you get a top-quality topper, make sure to shop from reputed wig sellers such as and purchase toppers made by known brands.

Where to Find the Best Hair Topper

There are two main avenues you can choose between when shopping for a hair topper: online, or in a brick-and-mortar store. Each of these options has its pros and cons: 

Finding the Best Hair Toppers Online: 


  • More Options: There is an unlimited amount of space online, so there are naturally many more options to choose from when shopping for toppers online. This allows you to find exactly what you're looking for without settling for "what is available."
  • Lower Prices: Online wig stores are often able to offer (steeply) lower prices for the same hair pieces.
  • Shop From the Comfort of Your Own Home: Shopping from home is worth a lot, especially if you are self-conscious about your thinning hair.
  • Move at Your Own Pace: There is no pressure to purchase when you are shopping online, so you can move at your own and take your time to find what you really want.
  • Do Your Own Research: Shopping online enables you to do your own research and figure out which type of topper you need, as well as compare different toppers with specifications and customer reviews.
  • Online Wig Expert Help: If you have any questions along the way, our online wig specialist is only a phone call at 1-800-264-4287 or email away to help you figure out what type, style, or color topper is best for you. Learn more about online wig consultations here.
  • Ease of Purchase and Re-Purchase: When you buy online, you know exactly what style, brand, and color topper you got, so re-purchasing is as easy as it gets.


  • Cannot Try Toppers On: Most people who choose not to shop for their topper online do so because they cannot try toppers on. 
  • No In-Person Help: When shopping for a wig online, the only way to communicate with the wig specialist is online through email or via phone call.

Finding the Best Hair Toppers In-Store: 


  • Try Toppers On: The biggest pull of shopping for toppers in-store is the ability to try on multiple toppers and see what they look like on.
  • In-Person Help: For many, being able to talk to a person one-on-one in-person is very important when shopping for their topper.


  • Less Options: Brick-and-mortar wig stores have a finite amount of space and have limited options to choose from, especially when it comes to toppers. You may have to choose from a selection of toppers that are not the best for you. 
  • Higher Prices: Hair toppers at in-person wig stores are often sold a premium price.
  • Pressure to Buy: After having a wig consultation, you may be pressured to purchase a topper you don't love, or purchase a topper before you are ready.
  • Less Information About Toppers: When shopping in a brick-and-mortar store, your only resource is the wig consultant. This means you will have less information about which topper is the best and the best for you.
  • More Difficult to Repurchase: Wig shops often remove the tags from their wigs and hair toppers, making it hard to know what you bought and difficult to repurchase.

Our Shopping Recommendation: 

Ultimately, we recommend shopping for your hair topper online to ensure you are getting the best topper for you at the best price. is the best online topper-store due to the extensive selection of hair toppers, low prices, comprehensive topper resource library, and easily-accessible wig expert. Shop toppers at here.

The Best Women's Hair Toppers: Editor's Picks

With so many toppers to choose from, finding the best hair topper can be confusing and overwhelming. To get you started, here are our favorite hair toppers available.

The Best Affordable Hair Topper: Top Tier Hair Topper by Eva Gabor Wigs

Priced at just over $60, this topper is the perfect affordable option for those on a budget. 


  • Priced under $75
  • Monofilament crown
  • Full fringe to cover hairline
  • High quality synthetic hair
  • Pressure sensitive clips
  • Covers light thinning

The Best Part Coverage Hair Topper: easiPart Topper by Jon Renau Wigs

A thinning part is one of the most common forms of hair loss in women. The easiPart by Jon Renau is the ultimate topper for a thinning part. Available in both the original easiPart, easiPart XL for more coverage, multiple hair lengths and different hair types, you can easily find the easiPart that works for you. 


  • Monofilament top
  • Pressure sensitive clips
  • Covers light to moderate thinning at the part
  • Available in two base sizes: easiPart and easiPart XL
  • Available in heat friendly synthetic (HD) and human hair (HH)
  • Three hair lengths to choose from: 8", 12", and 18"

The Best Full-Coverage Hair Topper: Top Style by Jon Renau Wigs

For women with moderate to advanced hair thinning looking for a full coverage topper, Top Style by Jon Renau is one of the best options available. You can find this topper in both synthetic and human hair, as well as in 12" and 18" hair lengths. 


  • Monofilament top
  • Pressure sensitive clips
  • Covers moderate to advanced thinning at the part and crown
  • Available in synthetic and remy human hair
  • Two hair lengths to choose from: 12" and 18"

The Best Human Hair Topper: Indulgence Topper by Raquel Welch Wigs

If you're looking for a human hair topper, Indulgence by Raquel Welch Wigs is the height of luxury. This topper features a super-realistic french drawn monofilament top and gorgeous 100% remy human hair. 


  • French drawn monofilament top
  • Pressure sensitive clips
  • Silicone strip for added security
  • 100% remy human hair
  • Long 16" hair length
  • Provides top and part coverage

The Best Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair Topper: Top Billing by Raquel Welch Wigs

Those looking for a heat-friendly synthetic topper will love Top Billing by Raquel Welch Wigs. This monofilament topper has a lace front and a fringe that can be styled straight across or swept ro the side. Style this topper with your own hair for the most realistic look possible. 


  • Monofilament top
  • Realistic Lace front
  • Pressure sensitive clips
  • Heat friendly synthetic hair can be styled with your own hair
  • Fringe can be styled in front or to the side
  • 11.5" hair length
  • Provides light to moderate coverage to the part, crown, and hair line

The Synthetic Hair Topper: Flex TP Topper by Amore Wigs

Made from high quality synthetic hair, the Flex TP Topper by Amore Wigs is a great option for those who need light crown and part coverage. The feathered layers throughout this topper help it blend seamlessly with your own hair. 


  • Monofilament top
  • Realistic Lace front
  • Pressure sensitive clips
  • High quality synthetic hair
  • Feathered fringe and layers create a seamless look that blends with your own hair
  • 16.14" hair length
  • Provides light coverage to the part and crown

The Best Short Hair Topper: Lace Top Hairpiece by Ellen Wille Wigs

So many toppers are long and luscious, yet so many women prefer shorter hair styles—especially women with thinning hair. For women with cropped cuts, the Lace Top Hairpiece Topper by Ellen Wille Wigs is the best option. Short and silky, this lace front, monofilament topper provides moderate coverage to the part, crown, and hairline.


  • Monofilament top
  • Realistic Lace front
  • Pressure sensitive clips
  • High quality synthetic hair
  • Short 4.8" length
  • Provides moderate coverage to the part, crown, and hairline. 

Shopping for toppers can be confusing, but finding the best hair topper can be easy if you follow our easy tips! Have you ever worn a hair topper? Which hair topper is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! You can shop a full selection of hair toppers at this link.


Need more help shopping for a topper? Visit our comprehensive hair topper guide at this link.