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Summer hats are an essential part of warm weather complexion protection, and at Headcovers we’ve designed them with your needs in mind. All of our summer hats for women are lightweight, breathable, and made to last in fabrics like bamboo, cotton, and straw. Expect full coverage for women experiencing hair loss, and chic style for anyone aiming to enjoy the hot rays of a bright summer sun.
  1. Basic Bucket Brim Hat | UPF 50+ Hat
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    Basic Bucket Brim Hat | UPF 50+ Hat
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  2. Tatum Triple Braid Sun Hat
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    Tatum Triple Braid Sun Hat
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Summer Hats from Headcovers

When the sun gets hot and the weather gets humid, the idea of a hat may seem too stuffy for comfort. However, our breathable hats and turbans are specifically designed to provide you with a lightweight layer of silky smooth protection, total hair loss coverage, and impeccable style all at once. Stop worrying about an irritated scalp and start enjoying the pleasures of the season with a summer hat that will take you from the pool to the street and back again.


Sun Protection for Cancer Patients

While summer hats for women do help to protect against sunburn and age spots, the benefits go far deeper, especially for cancer patients who have increased skin sensitivity due to chemo and radiation. Redness, itchiness, dryness, and peeling are all side effects of fighting the good fight, and can be extra uncomfortable when exposed to sunlight. Even if you’re not usually someone who wears hats, when it comes to UV radiation, exceptions must be made. Rest assured that our summer hats for cancer patients- typically made of cotton, bamboo, silk, or straw - are engineered to lay smoothly against the skin with no irritating seams or tags. Our stylish chemo hats for summer make a fabulous addition to any wardrobe - even if you aren’t dealing with hair loss.


Summer Hats with UPF 50+

If you’re planning to spend lots of time adventuring outside in your summer hat, we recommend choosing an option featuring UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). UPF is a unit applied to clothing that defines the amount of UV radiation able to pass through fabric. At Headcovers, most of our UPF hats are rated at 50+, which means that only 1/50th of ultraviolet rays can pass through, providing you with ample protection against the harmful effects of UV rays. Customers love our Canvas and Braid Cloche Hat with UPF 50+ for its shady brim and easy fit - as one reviewer states, “[it’s] so comfortable I forget I’m wearing it.” Also be sure to check out the Colette Ribbon Hat and Sun Protection Bucket Hat for more UPF 50+ superstars.  


Sleep Tight in Summer Hats

Whether you live in a climate with cool nighttime breezes or just need an extra layer of protection in bed, our summer sleep caps provide the perfect balance of protection and ventilation. Some of our favorite styles come in bamboo, which is naturally antibacterial, durable, and soft as silk. The Eyelash Sleep Cap is a fun, cheeky way to wink goodnight to the world, while the Bamboo Synergy Cap is ideal for days when you’ll be napping, lounging, eating, and repeating in quick succession. To really treat a sensitive scalp, slide on the Aloe Couture Cap, which actually has aloe vera woven into the fabric to soothe the skin again and again.


Summer Hats for the Office

We know that the 9-5 grind doesn’t stop in June, so we’ve got hats for women that are professional enough to rule the cubicle, but seasonally appropriate to match a summertime vibe. A favorite is certainly the Flapper Turban, made of moisture-wicking bamboo and adorned with a feminine flower detail. Another option is the Slinky Slip On Headwrap, which glides easily onto the head with stretchy lycra fabric to create the sophisticated appearance of a knotted headscarf. The Easy On Pre Tied Scarf in Luxury Bamboo is another crowd-pleaser. Throw it on quickly in the morning to achieve an elegant appearance that can be dressed up or down. Be sure to browse through all of our summer and spring hats - we’re sure that you’ll find your new favorite piece with Headcovers.