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You’re looking for a wig that matches your natural hair. We’ve got it. From salt-and-pepper grey to solid shades with streaks of silver, we’ve got gray wigs to help you feel just like your regular self. Browse our curated selection of wigs for older women, in hand-picked styles we know you’ll love. 
  1. Petite Acclaim by Eva Gabor Wigs
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    Petite Acclaim by Eva Gabor Wigs
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  2. Acclaim by Eva Gabor Wigs
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    Acclaim by Eva Gabor Wigs
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    Petite Sparkle by Raquel Welch Wigs
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    Petite Voltage by Raquel Welch Wigs
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Wigs for Older Women

If you’re experiencing hair loss due to cancer, another illness or aging, you deserve a wig that makes you feel like your regular self — comfortable and classy. No compromises. That’s why, at Headcovers, we stock wig styles for older women — short grey wigs, long grey wigs and wigs with silver streaks. Because dealing with hair loss is hard enough without feeling like an imposter in a second head of hair. A good wig can restore your confidence and sense of normalcy, so that you can focus on rest, rejuvenation and savoring life’s sweetest moments. 


Why Don’t All the Wigs Look Grey?

All of the wigs you see on this page come in shades of gray. So even if the featured image appears to be a different color, when you select a product, you’ll see gray colors listed as available options. Hover over each color chip to see a magnified view. 

If you don’t see gray listed as an available color for your desired wig, let us know! We’ll do our best to find you the exact grey wig color you’re looking for – in a silhouette that suites your style.


How do I Know Which Shade of Grey to Choose?

You know — and we know — that gray is so much more than a single hue. That’s why we have four ways to match gray wigs to your natural hair. 


  1. Mail a swatch. Send a swatch of your natural hair in the mail, and we’ll match your silvery tones to a wig shade.


  1. Send a photo. Email us or snail mail a picture of your hair, and we’ll do our best to find a wig in a similar hue.


  1. Cross-reference with a different wig. Got one you already like? Send us the info and we’ll match your new hair piece to one you already own and love.


  1. Schedule a phone consultation. Call our experts to explain what you’re looking for, and we’ll guide you towards the grey wig of your dreams.


If you’re more of a DIY kinda gal, you could also buy a color ring to match the color on your own — but that’s not our favorite route, since we’d rather help you out.


What are Grey Lace Front Wigs (and How are They Different from Regular Wigs?) 

“Lace front” refers to the construction method of a wig’s cap. In grey lace front wigs, a piece of lace rests at the front of the wig, nearest the forehead. Strands of hair are intricately attached to the lace to create a highly realistic-looking drape. Go ahead, run your fingers through your hair! It won’t betray the fact that you’re wearing a wig. 

With a grey lace front wig, you can sweep the hair back from your face because the wig cap blends into your scalp. Grey lace front wigs offer more styling options than regular cap wigs, but tend to be more affordable than 100% lace wig caps. It’s the best of both words – affordable yet highly natural in feel and appearance.


I Don’t Want a Full Gray Hair Wig. What are My Other Options?

Maybe you have a sensitive scalp that doesn’t respond well to heavy wigs. Or perhaps you’ve got a favorite hat or headscarf that you want to compliment with natural-looking fringe. We’ve got you covered with these wiglets for older women that come in a wide array of shades — grey streaks included (or not…it’s up to you!).


  • Hair halos. A headband of hair to wear under hats or scarves for a pretty hanging fringe.


  • Buns and ponytails. Fabulous for women looking to add volume to their hair! Just wrap or clip it on and go. Customers love to wear these gray hairpieces for special occasions:



  • Baseball caps with hair. Unbelievably convenient and easy to wear, our baseball hats with hair are essentially short gray wigs permanently attached to a baseball cap. All you have to do is root for your favorite team. 


  • Hair toppers. Maybe you just have a bald patch, or certain sections of thinning hair. There’s no need to wear a full wig — instead, opt for a wiglet! These grey wiglets clip-in easily for seamless coverage. 


Remember that even if the featured images for the products you see don’t appear gray, all of the hair pieces displayed have gray as a color choice once you click on the product for more details. 



Gray Human Hair Wigs 

While gray human hair wigs aren’t as common as gray synthetic wigs, we’ve still got a handful to choose from. If you’re set on a gray human hair wig, choose the “Human Hair” filter under “Select Material” on the left side of the page to see your options. As an alternative to grey human hair wigs, we recommend selecting our "Heat Friendly Synthetic Wigs." Heat friendly wigs allow you to style the wig just as you would a human hair wig.



Do You Have Gray Wigs for African American Women?

Yes, we have gray wigs for African American women. Try filtering by “Vivica Fox” on the left side of the page. We have gray human hair wigs for African American women, as well as synthetic. A few of our favorites are: