Hat Parties for Cancer Patients

A wonderful way to show your support for a friend or loved one who is diagnosed with cancer is to surround them with individuals who love them. A hat party is a great event to get everyone together. Like a baby or wedding shower, it is about showing support and equipping someone you care about with the necessities for the journey ahead.Friends shower the cancer patient with hats and useful items they will need during their battle with cancer. It's a great way for everyone to gather together and show their support. Our gift registry is a great way for the recipient to pick out exactly what they want and need. Your loved one signs up for our gift registry. Friends and family can purchase the items that have been chosen. We have also compiled some themes and ideas to get your imagination going. Please email us with any new ideas; we would love to share them.


Hat Party Tips


Have the most successful hat party by following these tips:


1. Schedule a time that is most desirable for your guest of honor. Some people prefer to have their party before treatment begins, as they don't know how chemo will affect them. Others prefer to schedule their hat party around the days in between treatments when they tend to have more energy. Have your loved one let you know when they think is best and consider having a back-up date in mind just in case they aren't feeling up to a party on the actual day.


2. Choose a location where your loved one will feel most comfortable. Often, a close friend or family member's home is a good option. Remember that they may not be feeling well throughout treatment, so comfort is often the key to helping them feel their best.


3. Have a guestbook or journal for guests to write words of encouragement or happy memories for the guest of honor. This will give them something to read during treatments, as well as serve as a source of encouragement throughout their journey.


4. Offer to help your guest of honor to create a gift registry with us to ensure that she gets the types of hats and other products that she wants, likes and needs. Help to remind them that in addition to head covers, hairpieces and wigs, skin care items like moisturizer and scalp shampoo are also important items. They also might want to consider adding a shower cap or comfort items like plush slippers as well.


Activity Ideas

Decorate a Scarf:

Choose one of our solid colored scarves. Buy colorful ribbon, fabric paint, sequins, beads or anything you desire and decorate them. Each person can bring a specially decorated scarf to the party or the activity can be done at the party. You can even decorate the scarves to go along with the theme of the party.

Create a Prayer Bracelet:

Each person at the party brings an encouraging bead. Each person shares their bead and words of encouragment or prayer for the loved one and adds their bead to the bracelet. All of the beads together make a unique bracelet that is given to the cancer patient to wear during treatments.


cancer patient gift party idea

hat party for cancer patient - gift ideas

Decorate Hat Cookies:

Using our hat shaped cookie cutter, decorate hat cookies. The best one wins a prize.

Sign a scarf:

Each person writes a loving message on a single solid colored head scarf with colored Sharpie markers. Your loved one will literally wear your love and good wishes and wrap their head in your loving thoughts. Suggested scarves for decorating or signing a scarf:

Paint a scarf:

Buy fabric paint designed for silk and decorate scarves with beautifully painted designs. We recommend our Solid Silk Head Scarf.



Ribbon Cookie Cutter:

Our Ribbon Cookie Cutter can be used for many activities besides making delicious cookies. Try making salt dough and creating Christmas ornaments, pottery and more.

cancer patient hat party ideas for gifts


Game Ideas

Who Am I?
Pick the name of one noteable person for each person playing. It can be a past president (George Washington), a celebrity (Jennifer Aniston), or a noteable cancer survivor (such as Olivia Newton John). It's also fun to choose names from the theme of the party.

Don't let any of the players see any names until the game starts. Stick one label on each person's shirt back without letting them see it. Each person gets 20 "yes or no" questions to figure out who their person/object is. The first person to guess their character wins!

Fashion Show:
Model the hat you purchased for your loved one. Go all out with a runway theme! The person who models their hat with the most style and originality wins!

 Hat Pong:

Place a few random hats on a board in different spots. Each person gets three tries to throw a ping pong ball into the hats. Whoever makes the most shots wins!

Hope Twister:

Replace colored dots with words of encouragement.

Encouragement Bingo:

Replace using numbers with positive words, such as "Hope," "Faith," and "Cure".

Hope for a Cure Jeopardy:

Use questions and answers that relate to different cancer terms and statistics. Use encouraging statistics and facts that will surprise everyone and provide encouragement.



Theme Ideas

Beach Babe Theme

cancer hat party ideas - swim cap beach party
Our Petal Swim Cap is a festive way to enjoy a beach or summer themed party.


Themed Games:
  • Beach Limbo- Grab a bamboo stick or even a surf board and see how low you and your friends can go.
  • Vintage Style - Dress up in vintage swim suits and wear our Petal Swim Caps or Triple Flower Swim Caps
  • Fashion Show- Put on a show and model your big beach hat! The person who models their summer beach hat with the most style and fun wins!
  • Decorate your scarf!- Everyone gets a plain colored scarf (plenty to choose from at Headcovers.com!) and decorate it in a beach babe style!



  • Lei garland- Leis can be put anywhere for decoration, even around your guest's necks!
  • Hula skirts- Costume party or not, hula skirts are always fun to wear.
  • Tropical grass table shirt- Make the party feel like a real outside beach party...just don't bring the sand!
  • Umbrella Straws- Who doesn't want one in their drink!


Roaring 20's Theme

cancer hat party

Our Cotton Flapper Hat is a wonderful

hat for this fun party theme.

Product Suggestions:

Cotton Flapper Hat

Triple Flower Swim Cap

Skylar Fedora Hat

Textured Elizabeth Cloche

Yasmin Twist Turban- HA-90385

Three In One Vintage Hat

Vintage Pleated Polyester Turban

Therese Cloche Hat

Lacey Cloche Hat

Nine Rose Pull On Hat



Themed Games:

  • Blackjack or Poker (any card game will work) - Card games and casinos were a major theme in the '20's. It is a must at the Roaring '20's party!

  • Decorate your scarf 1920's style!


  • Boas and Beads
  • DIY photo booth with cutout props(mustaches, bowties, monicles etc.)
  • Card decks in bowls(as table centerpieces)



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