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Turbans are a versatile head covering that can be worn in many ways. They often give the look of a head wrap without having to tie anything to achieve the look. A turban hat is ideal for concealing hair loss due to cancer or alopecia because it provides full head coverage as well as a comfortable fit that conforms to the head. Our head wraps and turbans for cancer patients are fashioned in extra soft fabrics without irritating seams. Explore our collection and discover the ideal fashion turban for you!
  1. Three Seam Turban - 100% Cotton Hat
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    Three Seam Turban - 100% Cotton Hat
    Retail $27.00 Our Price $18.99
  2. Basic Cotton Blend Turbans
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    Basic Cotton Blend Turbans
    Retail $16.99 Our Price $12.99
  3. Pure Cotton Hat | Chapeau Turban
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    Pure Cotton Hat | Chapeau Turban
    Retail $22.99 Our Price $16.99
  4. Braided Becky Turban
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    Braided Becky Turban
    Retail $32.99 Our Price $22.99
  5. 100% Cotton Looped Accessory Beanie
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    100% Cotton Looped Accessory Beanie
    Retail $29.99 Our Price $19.99
  6. Aloe Couture Cap by Cardani
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    Aloe Couture Cap by Cardani
    Retail $31.99 Our Price $19.99

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Women’s Turbans from Headcovers

The turban is the elegant, suave older sister of the headwear family. Whether you’re looking to give your favorite fedora a break, searching for a business-appropriate headcovering with an elegant look, or just want to hop on the trend that fashionistas have been promoting for years, a head turban is an excellent way to add some spice to your headwear collection.


Why We Love Head Turbans

While women’s turbans tend to appear more elevated in taste than other headcoverings, they’re actually extremely versatile. True, our Velour Twist Turban would look lovely at a holiday party or candlelit dinner, but our Three Seam Terry Turban is worn by many to exercise or to lounge. Whether or not you’re dealing with illness, there’s no doubt that a headcovering is a handy way to control rebellious locks during activities like yoga or stretch classes. Our terry towel turbans can be worn to the spa or during chemotherapy to provide soft, low-key protection. Aesthetics aside, our turbans are simply comfortable, with no annoying seams or scratchy materials. Our turbans are designed with sensitivities in mind and style at heart. 


Best Turbans for Beginners

If you’re still a little intimidated by the turban trend, we’ve got options that are less “exotic fortune teller” and more “normal person running errands” because, let’s face it - if you’re dealing with hair loss you’re probably just trying to live a life free of pity glances. Our Comfort Cap Bamboo Hat is what we call the “little black dress” of turbans because it can be fancy or casual and is appropriate for virtually all occasions. The silky soft bamboo viscose fabric offers total coverage, while the fully lined interior glides on with yummy, seam-free ease. We also love the Tiffany Turban, which looks more like a casual beanie than a traditional turban. This 5-star product is one reviewer’s “go-to favorite.” Another reviewer still wears her Tiffany Turban, even after beating cancer.


How to Accessorize a Head Turban

A turban creates a lovely canvas that is yours to adorn with accessories galore. One of the best things about women’s turbans is how easy they are to dress up or down, depending on the occasion and your mood. Consider the enchanting effect of a pair of opalite earrings swinging beneath our blue, pleated Chapeau Turban. Switch out the dangling jewels for a pair of studs and the look changes again. If you’re hoping to add some snaz to the turban itself, our silk scarf looks beautiful tied around the crown of your head to top it off. 


Women’s Turbans for Sweet Dreams

If you’re experiencing hair loss due to illness, the discomfort likely doesn’t fade when you close your eyes. That’s why we have turbans for sale that offer coverage for sensitive scalps, made especially for sleeping. 

Our Two Bow Sleep Cap is great for window sleepers and chilly weather, while our lightweight Lace Sleep Cap provides a hardly-noticeable layer of silky smooth protection for summer evenings. If you’re the type of person who likes to stay in your pajamas all day long (we feel you!) try the Cardani Bamboo Viscose Tranquility Cap. This head turban can actually help regulate the body’s temperature as you doze and is cute enough to wear to brunch the next day and beyond.


What Size Women’s Turban Should You Buy?

Most of our turbans are one size fits most, since they’ll shrink or expand to fit a variety of head shapes. However, we do have turbans for sale intended specifically for heads that are larger than most. If your head is more on the petite side, consider trying our Organic Cotton Scarf Pad, which can help secure your women’s turban when worn. We also love the Bamboo Comfort Headband, which is cooling and antibacterial as well buffeting. If you’re not sure which size to choose, give us a call at 281-334-HATS. One of our stylists can help make sure you find the perfect fit.


How to Style Your Head Turban

If you’re not used to wearing a headcovering, the idea of integrating a head turban into your wardrobe can be challenging and intimidating. But in reality, our styles are designed to blend in with the clothes you’ve already got. So buying a versatile turban hat could be as simple as finding one you like. 

Still, some pro tips to help avoid the dreaded “fortune teller” aesthetic include: 

  • Avoid overly baggy clothing. Layers of long, drapey fabric can punch up a bohemian vibe. If that’s not what you want, then stick to more fitted items and straight lines.  
  • Don’t be afraid to match. If you’re hoping for a cohesive look, choose a color to repeat throughout your outfit and make sure your women’s turban contains traces of the same hue. 
  • Balance your accessories. Make sure your jewelry and women’s turban complement each other. For example, if your turban has a vibrant, busy pattern, opt for simple drop or hoop earrings.

A Quick Word on Turban Hat Fabrics 

Did you know that there’s more to fabric than just how it feels? Certain fiber qualities actually have soothing properties woven into the material. Here’s our quick and dirty guide to head turban fabric types: 


Cotton. It’s lightweight, breathable, and known for its ability to accept a rich hue when dyed. Expect cotton head turbans to feel as comfortable and familiar when worn as your favorite t-shirt. 


Bamboo Viscose. We like to think of bamboo viscose as the superhero of turban hat materials. Not only is it supersoft and cooling, it is ideal in head wraps for cancer patients who may be more prone to irritations. 


Fleece, Wools & Tweeds. If you’re looking for a more seasonally appropriate women’s turban, our Velour Twist Turban is soft to the touch and warm, too. Try a head turban in fleece or microfleece if you’re hoping for protection against the elements.


Head Turbans Our Customers Love

Nothing is more telling about the quality of a product than customer opinions. Here’s what people are saying about our most popular head turbans: 

Three Seam Turban  

I LOVE this cotton headcover! It is soft and fits just perfect with the small elastic bank in the back that's not too bulky to lay on. It washes like a dream also.” - Martha S


Flapper Turban 

To give me a break when I'm at home, I wanted something to wear that was SOFT and COMFORTABLE and CUTE to cover my head, and found this adorable turban hat. It is so CUTE! It is so COMFORTABLE! It is so SOFT. It is just right. -Nancy N


Cardani Mod Slouchy Snood Cap 

These hats were a life saver! They are super soft and very comfortable. Affordable, too, which was awesome! I bought 6 different colors and love them all -Kristy G


So Simple Scarves™

I purchased this scarf for a family member who had her entire head shaved for brain surgery. She wears the scarf everyday and looks beautiful. So easy to put on and take off she doesn't have to worry about tying it or adjusting the fit. Her motor skills have been affected, so the ease of this scarf is just perfect. -Cynthia T



More Resources for Dealing with Hair Loss

While beautiful headwear can help take the day-to-day edge off of the hair loss experience, you probably still have many questions about what’s happening to your body, and what to expect ahead. Well, this is kind of our specialty. Check out our tips & advice page to find support and answers.