If you’re looking for an easy cap with streetwear appeal, look no further. Our cool bucket hats sit low over the ears for complete head coverage with brims that poke out over the forehead to shade the face. The bucket hat is a basic piece that still feels fresh, due to its pop culture fan base and updated fabrics - today, find it in denim, crocheted cotton, water-resistant canvas, and more.
  1. Basic Bucket Brim Hat
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    Basic Bucket Brim Hat
    Retail $35.00 Our Price $19.99
  2. Bondi Burlap Cloche Hat  |
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    Bondi Burlap Cloche Hat |
    Retail $35.99 Our Price $22.99
  3. Tatum Triple Braid Sun Hat
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    Tatum Triple Braid Sun Hat
    Retail $55.00 Our Price $34.99
  4. Knotted Cloche Kassie Hat
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    Knotted Cloche Kassie Hat
    Retail $50.00 Our Price $32.99
  5. Mariah Bucket Hat
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    Mariah Bucket Hat
    Retail $40.00 Our Price $25.99
  6. Jazzy Hat for Women
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    Jazzy Hat for Women
    Retail $30.00 Our Price $22.99
  7. Samantha Shimmer Sun Hat
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    Samantha Shimmer Sun Hat
    Retail $39.99 Our Price $24.99
  8. Contrast Ribbon Braid Sun Hat
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    Contrast Ribbon Braid Sun Hat
    Retail $44.99 Our Price $32.99
  9. Denim Delaina Sun Hat for Women
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    Denim Delaina Sun Hat for Women
    Retail $33.00 Our Price $20.99
  10. Tweed Kaleidoscope Hat
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    Tweed Kaleidoscope Hat
    Retail $32.99 Our Price $24.99

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Women's Bucket Hats from Headcovers

Bucket hats are classic and funky all at once. Their silhouette is deceptively basic - just half a cylinder with a brim attached - but in reality, this hat has a history rich in hip-hop attitude and streetwear cool. While our selection of ladies’ bucket hats is less LL Cool J and more sophisticated woman, there’s no doubt that these caps feel as fresh today as ever. Whether you’re looking for a hat to wear in the rain, on the street, or to afternoon tea, a cool bucket hat from Headcovers will take you there in style.


A Brief History of Bucket Hats

Originally conceived out of pure functionality, bucket hats were first worn by Irish fisherman in the early 1900s. The wide brim offered protection from the elements, and the flexible design made these caps easy to fold and tuck away. Eventually, they were issued to men at war - in the 1940s and on through the ‘70s, troops wore bucket hats in a shade of army green. Then, in the 1960s, they came into the mainstream for the first time. These fashion bucket hats had long, structured crowns, stunted brims, and often, a ribbon. Transitioning into the ‘80s through the ‘90s, they received a hip-hop makeover, worn by rappers with big chains and low pants.

Today, bucket hats can be seen on the runways from Paris to New York, with modern updates - the key is to use high quality materials with trendy adornments. At Headcovers, we’ve kept up with the pack. See our 100% cotton Prismatic Hand Crocheted Hat in lovely tones of blue or pink, or our spirited Jazzy Hat - which, admittedly, would look right at home on the head of a hip hop star. Still, we haven’t forgotten its fisherman roots - we offer bucket hats in water resistant fabrics to keep you dry whether you’re spending a day on the lake or are caught in a spring shower.

Bucket Hats for Cancer Patients

Cancer patients and women experiencing hair loss often find that our bucket hats offer dependable head coverage, necessary protection, and ultimate comfort. Plus, they’re stylish! When you order a hat from Headcovers, you can rest assured that it will be comfortable against sensitive skin, because we understand the importance of softness and breathability - and serving cancer patients is what we do best.

For the tender scalp, a wonderfully soothing option is the Chenille Whimsy Hat, with a gathered crown and chenille trim around the brim. One customer calls this hat her favorite, adding - “it’s pretty devastating to lose your hair, but having fun hats definitely eases things.” If you’re looking for something to help stay warm, the Tweed Kaleidoscope Hat offers total head coverage and insulating materials, made of soft fleece and colorful tweeds.

It’s hard to go wrong with a cool bucket hat from Headcovers, but we’re confident that you’ll be delighted by how wonderful our hats feel to the skin - and the soul - when you’re experiencing illness.


How to Style Your Women’s Bucket Hat

Thanks to its recent spike in popularity, you’ll be on-trend just wearing one of these fashionable hats. Plus, due to the versatility of its history (fisherman! Rappers! Twiggy!), they’re easy to wear with a wide variety of styles. We like ladies’ bucket hats paired with clothing that has a looser fit - think relaxed jeans, swingy t-shirts, and oversized blazers. Avoid tight and slim fitting clothing, if you can. Bucket hats look best with a laid-back attitude and an easy-going state of mind.


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