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Newsboy hats are cool without being intimidating, polished without being stuffy, and sassy without being showy. Sometimes called “paperboy hats,” or “cabbie hats,” our women's newsboy caps are relaxed but tailored, offering full head coverage and flattering volume at the crown of the head. In modern day prints and patterns, newsboy caps from Headcovers look as relevant today as ever and can be worn at work or play.
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    Ball Cap with Detachable Bow
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    Sporty Baseball Hat
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    Pink Ribbon Butterfly Baseball Cap
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Women’s Newsboy Caps from Headcovers

Newsboy hats are a sassy and sporty alternative to the regular ball cap. The shorter brim and fuller crown hark back to vintage times gone by, while luxurious materials like cotton, bamboo, fleece, and tweed bring them comfortably up-to-date. If you’re looking for an easy cap with shade to protect your face and full coverage all the way around, a newsboy cap from Headcovers may be just what you’re looking for. Browse through our selection of newsboy caps for every season, from blinged-out statement caps to basic bamboo essentials.



A Brief History of Newsboy Caps

Contrary to what the name might suggest, newsboy caps weren’t exclusively worn by young men delivering early morning papers back in the day. In fact, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, they were popular among men of many working class professions, from dockworkers to artisans to farmers and tradesmen. Eventually, they were adopted by the upper class and worn to perform leisure activities like golf.

Newsboy hats have been called by many different names thoughout history, reflecting the professions or hobbies of the individuals who wore them. Historic names include baker boy, Gatsby, driver, paperboy, cabbie, fishermen, pageboy, skipper, newspaper boy and fiddlers caps. 

In the early 2000s, the newsboy cap had a resurgence. Public figures from David Beckham to P. Diddy and Prince William sported newsboy caps - eventually, hipsters of all genders adopted them as their own. Today, they’re seen as stately hats with a wink and an edge - not quite as flamboyant as a fedora, but less subtle than a beanie. If you want to give the style a try - whether you’re a paper delivery person, a corporate executive, a barista, or anyone else - Headcovers offers a twist on the classic tradition, with feminine silhouettes and tasteful adornments.


Why Cancer Patients Love Our Newsboy Caps

At Headcovers, good hats aren’t just about style - they’re about comfort, too. That’s what sets us apart from competitors. Cancer patients love our newsboy caps for the full coverage they offer, so if you’re going through chemo and it’s wreaking havoc on your hairline, look no further. Our cabbie hats sit close to the ears, the brim at the front demurely shading the forehead, providing coverage for bald patches or total loss. To frame your face with fringe, try adding a Long Hair Halo. Worn under your women’s newsboy cap, this handy accessory lends the look of natural hair but eliminates the bulk of a full wig.

With over 22 years of experience serving women with hair loss, we know that the way a hat feels is just as important as how it looks. That’s why our newsboy caps are free of irritating seams and internal labels and made of breathable fabrics. In fact, some even offer UPF 50+ protection, meaning less than 1/50th of the sun’s radiation can pass through the fabric to reach your skin. We’ve also got hats lined with aloe, for an experience that soothes again and again. The UPF Adventure Hat offers both of these features; so does the Versatility Newsboy Hat, which comes with a removable bow.



How to Style Your Women’s Newsboy Cap

Unless you’re putting together a costume - or are a bonafide style star - it’s best to avoid wearing a newsboy cap with blatantly vintage flair, like suspenders. Paperboy hats actually look best when paired with street clothes, like a denim or leather jacket and jeans. Cardigans with straight cut or flared jeans paired with a graphic tee look great topped with a newsboy cap. Just remember to keep it cool, and don’t be afraid to mix high-low pieces from your wardrobe to tie it all together. With roots in the working class, newsboy hats look best with an outfit that’s not entirely polished - distressed pieces and muted tones embrace the vibe of this classic cap.