False Eyelashes

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If you are looking for the best fake eyelashes, you have come to the right place! Our beautiful false eyelashes are perfect for those with or without existing eyelashes. Our collection is unique because all artificial lashes are designed to create a truly natural look. Multiple lengths and thicknesses accommodate a variety of needs and preferences. Because they are natural looking, our false eyelashes are ideal for women with alopecia, cancer or chemotherapy eyelash hair loss, trichotillomania (eyelash hair pulling), aging and other conditions that cause eyelash hair loss. Cardani false eyelashes are the perfect choice for weddings and other special occasions when you really want your eyes to pop without looking like you are wearing fake eyelashes. Our eyelash tools and eyelash glue are formulated to make applying artificial eyelashes easy! Find the right false eyelashes today and achieve the ultimate in lash styling!
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Cardani False Eyelashes

Cardani eyelashes are exclusively designed for the woman who wants a truly natural looking false eyelash. Artificial lashes should enhance the eyes, not overwhelm them or draw attention to themselves. These lashes are the preferred choice for women who are experiencing a loss of eyelash hair due to cancer or chemotherapy treatments, alopecia, trichotillomania, aging and other conditions that cause eyelash hair loss. They will recreate your eyelash with a natural look so you feel like yourself again. These natural looking false eyelashes are ideal for weddings and special occasions when you really want your eyes to shine. When looking for the best false eyelashes, the ultimate goal is that no one will know you are wearing them. The attention should go to your eyes, not your lashes. Cardani false eyelashes are a best kept secret of makeup artists and savvy women who favor a natural appearance. Their quality is unmatched - compare them to other high end brands that sell for $20 a pair and up. Try these false eyelashes today - we know you will be impressed!

False Eyelashes - Did You Know?

Max Factor is widely credited with producing the first pair of false eyelashes in 1919, when he sewed real hair onto actress Phyllis Haver's natural eyelashes to enhance them. However, in 1916 (three years earlier), director D.W Griffith ordered his wig maker to create an eyelash for actress Seena Owen in the movie Intolerance. Preceding both of these men, a Canadian woman named Anna Taylor obtained a U.S. patent for an artificial eyelash in 1911. 

By the 1930's Vogue magazine reported the availability of false eyelashes with "bewildering length". In the 1950's, movie stars embraced false eyelashes and they went mainstream. Twiggy created a major fashion trend for fake eyelashes in the 1960's, often using three pairs on top of each other to create a dramatic look. Jennifer Lopez had a similar effect in 2001 when she wore fox fur eyelashes to the Academy Awards, creating a buzz that spurred a trend for luxe eyelashes. The most expensive false eyelashes that we know of were worn by Madonna in 2009. These mink and real diamond embellished false eyelashes cost $10,000!