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Head scarves for women are stylish and versatile, an excellent way to cover up hair loss without compromising the spirit of your wardrobe. We’ve got a range of options available, from pull-on styles that come pre-tied to classic squares for freestyling twists and knots. Rest assured that simple instructions on how to tie a head scarf are included with each order, just in case you need some tips. In other words, we’ve got you covered.
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    Mesh Oblong Head Scarf
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    100% Cotton Looped Accessory Beanie
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Head Scarves from Headcovers

The head scarf is a highly versatile fashion accessory that adds glam to any outfit while providing protection and coverage for women dealing with hair loss. Many women wear scarves to protect their head from bitter cold or blazing heat. A head scarf is also an ideal, lightweight, and super comfortable way to insulate a sensitive scalp while you sleep.

Whether you’re already a scarf lover or are a first-time buyer, you’ve come to the perfect place. We have scarves galore in cotton, bamboo, silk, knit, chiffon, satin, velvet and more – in nearly every color of the rainbow and an array of fun and beautiful patterns. 

Scarves for Women with Alopecia or Cancer

At Headcovers, we understand how challenging it is to cope with a diagnosis of cancer, alopecia and other conditions that cause hair loss. That’s why we’ve lovingly designed a large selection of head scarves to provide full head coverage and totally chic style all at once.

Pretty and versatile, our head scarves completely conceal hair loss and are comfortable against sensitive scalps to keep your head warm during chemo sessions or cool through a sweaty summer. From pre-tied styles in soft cotton and bamboo to elegant, flowing scarves in silk, chiffon, and satin, a headscarf will help you look great and feel better – no doctor’s office required.

A Guide to Our Luxurious Scarf Materials

Silk, cotton, bamboo - oh my! Headcovers believes that high quality materials are just as important as style when it comes to crafting impeccable product. Plus, our fabrics are chosen with hair loss in mind, meaning they feel good against an irritated, bare, or sensitive scalp. 



There’s nothing quite like silk, a fabric that feels more liquid than solid. Known for its beautiful drape and slight sheen, silk has a knack for making the wearer feel instantly glamorous. Due to the low density of fibers, silk is lightweight and has been valued for thousands of years for its longevity. For a sleek, single-hued look, try the Solid Silk Square Headscarf. However, we’re partial to the fanciful prints of this Pure Silk Headscarf as well.



Cotton is an ideal fabric to keep close to the skin, because it’s breathable - you can trust that it won’t keep the heat packed against your skull. It isn’t capable of holding an electric charge, so no static woes here, either. We love cotton for being great at absorbing dye, which means that your cotton headscarf is sure to be vibrant and pleasing to the eye. Try our Oversized 100% Cotton Woodblock Hand Stamped Head Scarves for a bohemian groove, or the Pre-Tied So Simple Head Scarf Covering for a no-slip solution to keeping your head covering in place.



A champion of sore skin everywhere, bamboo’s cool, soothing natural properties make it ideal for anyone needing an extra touch of comfort in everyday life. It’s hypoallergenic and antibacterial, offering UV protection as well as a supple drape. It’s easy to wash, too, which is why we’re sure it’ll quickly become a favorite in your hair scarf collection. The Bamboo Slip On Scarf is a great option for first-time scarf wearers, providing instant sophistication, no fuss required. Also check out the Bamboo Scarf Beanie for a fusion of the casual beanie cap and a voluminous, gathered scarf.



Head Scarf Life Hacks

If you’ve ever attempted to wear head scarves for women before, chances are you’ve experienced that dreaded “slipping” feeling, when the scarf just won’t seem to stay in place. At Headcovers, we’ve developed a couple of handy tricks to help eliminate that pesky tendency.

The 100% Organic Cotton Scarf Pad is unmatched by anything else in the market. It’s made of cotton grown without any harmful chemicals or toxins to keep irritants off of your head and out of your life. Not only does it hold scarves in place for all day stability, its volume adds a touch of oomph for women dealing with a naked scalp.

Our Bamboo Scarf Pad was designed to add fullness to the crown of the head, while the french terry material acts as a stabilizing agent to grip the scarf in place. It also creates a barrier between your head and the scarf, so you can launder less and live more. Also check out the Bamboo Comfort Headband and our Padded Headband which can be worn under scarves and hats for total coverage and slippage control. 


How to Style a Head Scarf

The best way to conquer any fashion question is to find inspiration as a starting point. We recommend browsing Pinterest or Instagram to see how other people are styling their scarves for women’s hair. Give yourself time to experiment - there’s a learning curve for everything, even putting together an outfit with a new accessory.

Still, here are a couple of tips to get your wheels turning. 

First, scarves tend to have soft lines when tied around the head. In other words, they drape. Compliment this by pairing your head scarf with more structured pieces, like a cargo jacket or double-breasted blazer. Jeans look great with head scarves, because the rougher texture of denim coincides pleasingly with the smoothness of the scarf’s fabric.

While contrasting textures is a win, when it comes to colors be sure to coordinate. This creates a sense of unity throughout the outfit, harmonizing the different elements at play.

Lastly, embrace confidence. If wearing a head scarf is out of your typical comfort zone, that’s OK - but the world doesn’t need to know. If your shoulders are rolled back and proud, people will accept your appearance as the new normal. Who knows? You may even inspire them to get a head scarf for themselves.


Head Scarves for Religious Modesty 

Our large selection of head scarves for women are beloved by customers who cover their head for modesty. The scarves are large enough to allow for intricate tying methods while keeping hair tucked securely away. 

All of our fabrics are opaque, which means that your hair will not show beneath the scarf. Orthodox Jewish and Muslim women are amongst our most loyal shoppers, as our scarves are ideal for their modesty needs.


How to Care for Your Head Scarves

Just like any piece of clothing, head scarves for women’s hair need to be properly cared for to keep them looking as good as new. Our hat and scarf care guide provides everything you need to know about preserving the beauty of your favorite wraps, from handling delicate fabrics to getting rid of lint. Follow these quick and easy tips to help ensure your beautiful headscarves look great for years to come.


How to Tie a Head Scarf Guide

Perhaps you’ve never considered wearing a scarf as a head covering because you don’t know how to tie one. At Headcovers, we are committed to helping women with hair loss find their inner “knotterista” with helpful tips and resources on how to style and knot a headscarf.

For those who have never tied a head scarf, our guide provides everything you need to know — starting with a brief overview of different types of scarves, followed by tying tips. Once you see how easy-to-create looks can transform a square or rectangular scarf into a wonderful head covering in just a few minutes, you’ll wonder why you didn’t embrace them long ago.

Of course, we’re always here to help. If you’re new to the world of headcoverings and have no idea where to start, give us a call at 1-800-264-4287 (HATS). From matching wig shades to helping you choose the perfect head scarf for your skill level, we’re here to offer any assistance you may need.