Curly hair has a youthfulness and carefree spirit that many women find appealing. The voluminous look and the bouncy, spiral shapes exude an air of freedom and defiance. If that weren't enough, curls can also make a woman appear more youthful. It's no wonder that our curly wigs are so popular! Whether you are looking for long ringlets that cascade over your shoulders, short and sassy waves or somewhere in between, our curly hair wigs offer something for everyone.

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Why Every Woman Should Own a Curly Wig

Curly wigs are composed of strands of hair that have movement and body within the individual pieces. Shorter strands will see tons of volume with curly styles and will appear to have a tousled look, while longer wigs are often full of body. It's a look that many women love. Whether you were born with curly locks or you simply want to sport a curly hairstyle every once in a while, there are countless benefits that come with wearing curly hair.

First of all, it’s the kind of look that gives everyone the impression that you put a lot of time into your hairstyle when you didn’t have to do much work at all. Curly hair has volume and texture that can accentuate your features. It can easily add a more youthful appearance to woman of any age.

If you weren’t blessed with curly tresses since birth, we offer a nice collection of curly hair wigs in different lengths, curl patterns and colors so that you can look like you have naturally curly locks—even if you don’t.

Why You Should Go with a Synthetic Curly Wig

If you’ve never purchased a wig before and you’re in the process of trying to decide between a curly human hair or curly synthetic wig, our recommendation is to go with a synthetic one. Why? Because human hair wigs are made from human hair. This means that the same issues that people with naturally curly hair have (frizz, for example), you will likely experience with a human hair wig.

The benefit of heat friendly synthetic hair or human hair is that the curled or waved strands can be straightened with a straightening iron to achieve a different look. However, this requires more effort. 

On the other hand, if you decide to go with a regular synthetic curly hair wig, you won’t have to worry about frizz-related humidity or having to use a ton of product in order to keep your curls intact. The curls will stay intact even after washing. Another benefit of synthetic curly hair wigs is that they are a lot more affordable than human hair. Synthetic curly hair wigs are so low-maintenance that you’ll be hooked from the very first moment you put one on!  

How to Care for a Curly Wig

What does the maintenance of a curly hair wig look like? There are a few key points to keep in mind.

First, you don’t need to wash your wigs as often as your own hair. Every 6-8 wearings should be sufficient. For synthetic wigs, wash the hairpiece in a basin of cool water, using a shampoo that’s specifically made for wigs. Spritz with wig conditioner and allow it to air dry on a wig stand. For more complete details, read our synthetic wig care instructions here. For curly human hair wigs, read our human hair care instructions here.

Third, don’t be afraid to trim a little bit off the ends if needed. This will make your wig easier to detangle. If you decide that you want more volume added to your curly wig, take it to a professional stylist so that they can give you the exact hairstyle that you’re looking for. This is super important should you decide that you want a curly wig with bangs. You want to make sure the bangs are cut in a way that they softly frame your face and aren’t as curly as the rest of your wig.

Curly Wig Brands We Love

As you can see from our feature pages, we have a wide variety of curly hair wigs... everything from long curly wigs to brown curly wigs to short curly blonde wigs and everything in between! We’re big fans of Raquel Welch, Eva Gabor and Jon Renau wigs (just to name a few) because not only are they affordably-priced, many of them also come in the kinds of styles that are flattering for women of all ages. For African American women, we have a large variety of natural looking curly wigs to choose from.

How to Know Which Curly Wig Is Right for You

Curly wigs come in such a wide variety of options that it can be difficult to select the one that looks best for you. It is important to consider the shape of your face. For instance, if you discover that you have an oval-shaped face, a wig with light waves would be really flattering. Or, if you have more of a rectangular-shaped face, a longer curly wig with bangs would be a good choice. If you have a diamond-shape face, a short pixie-styled curly wig would be super-cute and attractive. For more on selecting a flattering wig for your features visit our guide here.

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