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Ponytail extensions are an instant way to seamlessly fluff up your volume and length. They’re easy to attach, with no salon skills necessary. Just clip ‘em in or wrap ‘em on and you’re good to go. We’ve got heat-friendly synthetic options so you can style your ponytail wig right along with your own hair, creating a look so realistic you may even forget it’s not natural.
  1. Ponytie By Estetica Designs Wigs
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    Ponytie By Estetica Designs Wigs
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    25 Inch Straight Pony by Hairdo Wigs
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    Aqua Hairpiece by Ellen Wille Wigs
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Ponytail Extensions from Headcovers

A full-bodied ponytail is the stuff of hair ‘do daydreams. Thanks to ponytail extensions, it doesn’t matter how much you were born with - strut around with a swinging ponytail whenever you please. At Headcovers, we’ve got clip-in and wrap-on extensions in a wide variety of textures and shades. They’re a breeze to attach, easy to feel confident in, and reusable so you can rock a perfect ponytail again and again.

How to Attach Your Ponytail Wig

Attaching ponytail hair extensions may seem intimidating at first, but rest assured that even beginners can put these on from the comfort of home.  

The ponytails we offer come with two attachment methods: clip-in and wrap-on. Take the Pony Hairpiece by Christie Brinkley Wigs, for example. You’ll start by gathering your hair into a ponytail (it can be short and small). Then, open the hairpiece. Slide the comb between your hair and the elastic band and wrap the wired strands around the elastic for a seamless ponytail. Customers are usually surprised at how quick and easy this process is.

However, if you’re here because you don’t have much hair to begin with, try the Ponytail Headband. This unique invention features a ponytail attached to a soft black headband, meant to be worn under a baseball cap. The high-quality synthetic strands look and feel real, providing the appearance of hair under a cap without the heaviness of an actual wig. Just slide the headband on and poke the ponytail through the back opening of your favorite cap.

How to Make Your Ponytail Wig Look Natural

What’s the point of wearing an extension if it doesn’t look natural, right? In addition to correct application, here are a couple of handy tips to remember as you peruse your options.

Choosing a color that matches your natural hair color is key. Most of our ponytail extensions come in a range of different shades, but as long as you’re within two shades lighter or darker of your real hair, they should blend in just fine. Our licensed cosmetologists are here to help guide you at 1-800-264-HATS (4287) if you’d like an expert opinion.

Also remember to choose a ponytail extension that matches the texture of your normal hair. Once attached, you can style it along with the rest of your hair to help it blend in. Straighten or curl to your heart’s content, as long as you’re working with heat friendly synthetic hair.

How to Care for Your Ponytail Hair Extensions

The rule of thumb is: the less you wash it, the longer it’ll last. While we encourage styling your ponytail hair extensions, remember to only use a minimal amount of product. And when you do need to spritz and spray, use styling mousse or hairspray that was made specifically for wigs. When washing, use special shampoo and conditioner, too. This stuff is formulated to gently remove product without being too harsh on the wig or hair piece. Brush your ponytail extensions with a wide-tooth comb, and remember to always stroke in the direction the hair is “growing” to avoid causing tangles, starting at the bottom of the ponytail and working your way towards the top. Don’t brush it when it’s wet, but be sure to comb through about once a day to help prevent matting.