Eyebrow Tattoos | Tattoo Eyebrows

If you have been considering a permanent eyebrow tattoo, you may want to test the waters with our temporary eyebrow tattoos. Or better yet, skip the needle and wear these eyebrow tattoos instead! These easy to use temporary eyebrow tattoos are non-toxic and made from natural vegetable dyes. They will create a perfect eyebrow instantly and look extremely natural. They are waterproof and each pair will last from 2-3 days. Our eyebrow tattoos can be affixed to the brow bone where no hair exists. Available in a wide selection of shapes and colors for men or women, these temporary eyebrow tattoos are a great solution for eyebrow hair loss. Perfect for men and women with hair loss due to cancer, chemotherapy, and other types of medical hair loss, these tattoos adhere to the skin much like a children's temporary tattoo. You can't go wrong with these natural looking eyebrow tattoos.