Our "eyebrow wigs" are made from 100% human hair and make the perfect addition to your hair loss arsenal. Our stick on eyebrows are so easy to use. A clear gel backing allows our brows to be glued on to match any skin tone and blend right in. Our eyebrows come in a variety of shapes and colors for the perfect custom look! Check out our Eyebrow Videos for more information on this amazing product. For answers to your questions, visit our Eyebrows Wigs Frequently Asked Questions page.

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What are Eyebrow Wigs?


Eyebrow wigs are exactly what they sound like...mini wigs for your eyebrows! Many people experiencing hair loss deal with patchy or lost eyebrows, which is why we came up with this original product. At Headcovers, we offer premium options made with real human hair, providing a natural look with low-stress application. Say goodbye to smudged arches and hello to perfectly formed brows every time with our stick-on eyebrow wigs.


Stick-On Eyebrows: The Origin Story


Our Cardani eyebrow wigs are The Original Eyebrow Wig. Over 25 years ago, after losing her hair due to chemotherapy treatments, our founder Carol Galland dreamt of a way to replace her lost eyebrows. Unhappy with the 2D effect that makeup allowed, she looked for another option. After an exhaustive search, she decided to do it herself.


Carol pioneered the technology and techniques that resulted in an entirely new way to replace eyebrows. Our stick-on eyebrows create a 3D effect, making them virtually indistinguishable from real eyebrows in appearance. While others have attempted to mimic our original product, copies simply pale in comparison. Cardani stick-on eyebrow wigs are the most natural-looking eyebrow ever created.


Eyebrow Wigs vs. Lace Eyebrows


Our eyebrow wigs are similar to competitor lace eyebrows in the sense that they both provide a 3-D effect and both are glued onto the brow line. The similarities end there.


Cardani eyebrow wigs are several steps ahead in terms of appearance. Our artisans have over fifteen years of experience making this unique product. One by one, each strand of hair is carefully placed onto the flexible gel backing to mimic natural hair growth. Unlike in lace front eyebrows, our gel backing allows your skin to show through, so that the hair in our stick on eyebrows looks like it’s actually growing from the brow line - no knots or fabric in sight. While lace eyebrows generally seem like stickers that have been applied to the face, our eyebrow wigs just look like...eyebrows.


How to Put on Your Eyebrow Wigs


We recommend attaching your eyebrow wigs with eyebrow adhesive (basically the same stuff you’d use to attach fake eyelashes). Simply paint the glue on the back of the eyebrow, wait 30 seconds for it to turn clear, then place onto your brow for a long-lasting, worry-free hold. To personalize your stick on eyebrows, try using our Indelible Eyebrow Pencil or our Indelible Gel Eyebrow Makeup. This waterproof gel is great for adding thickness and customizing the shape of the eyebrow to exactly match your desired style.




Why Are Cardani Eyebrow Wigs So Expensive?


The cost of our eyebrow wigs really comes down to the expertise and quality of craftsmanship that goes into making each pair. In fact, there are very few people in the world who possess the skills required to make these unique works of art. Our artisans have over 15 years of experience perfecting the technical skills required to craft our stick on eyebrows.


At Headcovers we offer wholesale prices because want the people who need our products to be able to afford them. Our eyebrow wigs are less than half as expensive as what you’d find in a retail setting. True, purchasing a pair of eyebrow wigs is an investment - but we know it’s one that will only have a positive impact on your grooming routine and daily confidence.


How Long Will My Eyebrow Wigs Last?


Even though many customers are able to wear our stick on eyebrows for two to three days in a row, we do recommend taking them off each evening. Not only does this allow your skin to breathe between wearings, it also increases the longevity of the product. Eyebrow wigs that are cared for properly can last from 2-4 months. To learn more about extending the life of your eyebrow wigs, check out our tips & advice. 

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