Many women with thinning hair want to add some height, volume or fullness to their existing hair without wearing a full wig. Hairpieces and hair extensions can do just that. There are many different types of hair pieces, hair extensions and toppers that are popular for women with thinning hair. They often have a small base that will cover a targeted area where hair is sparse. Hairpieces and hair extensions are not only great for women with some hair loss, but are also loved by women who just want to add some length or pump up the volume for a night on the town!
  1. Clip In Bangs 1PC by Hairdo
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    Clip In Bangs 1PC by Hairdo
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  2. Fun Bun by Jon Renau Wigs- Hairwrap
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    Fun Bun by Jon Renau Wigs- Hairwrap
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    Top of Head Hairpiece by Hairdo Wigs
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  4. Mimic by Jon Renau Wigs - Hairwrap
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    Mimic by Jon Renau Wigs - Hairwrap
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Hairpieces from Headcovers

Hairpieces for women have been used by celebrities for decades to fill out their locks for luscious appeal. And who can blame them? Full, bouncy add-ins are a fun way to enhance your natural flair, sort of like mascara for your hair. Whether or not you’re experiencing hair loss, at Headcovers we offer options for all, from risk-free clip-in bangs to Rapunzel ponytails and sleek, enhancing toppers.


What are Hair Pieces and Hair Extensions?

Unlike full wigs, hair pieces and hair extensions do not cover the entire head. They are clipped in to existing hair to add volume, fullness, or cover baldness in specific areas.

Hair pieces can often have a partial base, meaning that they cover a significant portion of the head, but are not considered a full wig. Hair extensions usually include small lengths of hair that are added into and concealed by existing hair. They provide a certain amount of volume or length. Clip in or detachable bangs also fall into this category. Bangs can be added or removed, offering style choices that are commitment-free and so versatile. Accessory hair opens the door to many new styling options including buns, braided headbands and more.


Types of Hairpieces We Offer

Often when people consider hairpieces for women, they think of hair extensions. These are a classic and beloved way to pull off hairstyles with a little more oomph. Available in a variety of lengths, the clip-on hairpieces are attached using pressure-sensitive clips to seamlessly achieve fuller hair. 

However, at Headcovers, extensions are just the beginning. Check out our selection of bangs, both clip-in and Velcro attachable, which frame the face with a flattering fringe. Fake bangs can be attached to a hat, scarf, or turban to easily transition between outfits. We also offer accessory hair pieces including braided headbands and ponytail wraps. 

If you’re hoping for bald patch help, our toppers and wiglets can offer coverage solutions without the all-consuming effect of a wig.


Which Type of Coverage Should You Choose?

We understand that it can feel overwhelming to shop our variety of hairpieces for women if you’re not exactly sure what you’re looking for. The key is to first determine what type of coverage you need. For a comprehensive guide to figuring out which topper will serve you best, see our Hair Toppers and Wiglets resource. For more targeted help, our Hair Topper Style Chart is almost like a personal shopper, recommending specific products based on your coverage needs. Or, use our “Select Head Coverage” filter on the left side of the page to narrow your viewing options based on which part of your head is lacking in volume. We’re also here at 1-800-264-HATS (4287) to provide guidance and answer any questions you may have.


What Material Should My Hairpiece be Made of?

Each hairpiece we offer has been selected because it looks great, no matter what it’s made of. However, just like purchasing a new sweater, the material determines the price, care instructions, and lifespan of the hairpiece. At Headcovers, we offer four main material types of clip on hairpieces: human hair, Remy human hair, synthetic hair, and heat friendly synthetic hair. While synthetic is the easiest to take care of, real hair offers coverage that is virtually indistinguishable to the wearer as well as the observer. Take the time to browse our Synthetic Hair vs. Human Hair guide to figure out which material will best fit your lifestyle, budget, and needs.


What are Halo Hair Pieces for Women?

If you hear an angelic chorus in your head when you read “halo hair,” you’re actually on the right track. Halo hair can be a godsend for women who can’t stand the weight of a full wig, but still want the appearance of a full head of hair. 

Here’s what to expect: a halo hair piece consists of a looped elastic band with strands attached around the edges. Just slip it on over your head and top it off with your favorite headcovering. Boom - full hair, without the hassle. 


What is a Volumizer?

Volumizers are hairpieces for women who are dealing with thinning hair, not necessarily bald patches. Attach it to your hair using pressure sensitive clips, then pull your own strands through the base to blend everything together. If you choose a volumizer made of human hair, like the easiVolume 10 Inch Human Hair Clip-in Volumizer, then you’ll be able to heat style the hairpiece right along with your natural hair. 

We sell human hairpieces for women in three key lengths: 10 Inches, 14 Inches, and 18 Inches. If your length falls somewhere in between, we recommend choosing a longer option and taking it to a hair stylist for a trim.


How to Attach Your Wiglet Hairpiece

Our hair toppers are meant to be used by real people, not just stylists. If you’re feeling intimidated by the idea of attaching hair pieces, let us put your mind at ease. Most wiglets are attachable via a simple pressure-sensitive clipping system. First, position the hairpiece into place over your bald patch. Then, clamp the clips around the edges, onto your existing strands. Use your fingers to gently comb the new hair in with your natural locks. The last step is to stand back, admire your luscious ‘do, and take on the day with confidence. 


Make Sure it Matches - How to Get the Perfect Hue

Getting the shade of your clip-on hairpieces right is essential to making sure they feel and look as normal as possible. We offer five methods to make sure our wigs for women with thinning hair blend in, rather than stand out: 

  1. Send us a swatch. If you’ve got some natural hair left, mail a clipping to our stylist. She will personally select the right shade to for you and contact you to discuss your options. 
  2. Submit a picture. We’ll work with you to match the hue in the photograph with your hair pieces. Please pre-order your wig and select “sending picture” for the color option.
  3. Consult over the phone. If you choose “Consultation Requested,” we’ll call to chat through color options for your hair pieces over the phone. 
  4. Cross-reference with a known favorite. If this isn’t your first rodeo or you already have a wig that works, just send us the color code of what you know and love. We’re familiar with most brands and can cross-reference to make sure your hair pieces follow suit. 
  5. Purchase a color ring. We don’t necessarily recommend this, since it’s likely more efficient to work with our cosmetologists to match your hair pieces. But if you want a DIY option, a color ring enables you to make a firsthand choice. 


Updo Hair Pieces for Special Occasions

Just because you’re dealing with hair loss, doesn’t mean you should stop celebrating everyday life. In fact, we’d argue that you need to party even more to keep the faith. Here are some of our favorite updo hairpieces to help you up the ante on your next night out: 

  • The Style-a-Do Mini-Do Duo. Slip this hairpiece on over a ponytail or bun for an instantly sophisticated look.
  • Casual Do Wrap Hairpiece. Ideal for a night on the town, it’s a wrap-around style that can be heat styled to match the texture of your natural hair.  
  • Chignon Hairpiece. It’s elegant yet easy, perfect for weddings or prom – no pricey hair appointment required. 


Why We Love Hairpieces

At Headcovers, we understand that confidence is an important part of mental and emotional health. If your body is experiencing changes like hair loss or thinning, the effect can be confusing and discouraging. While we believe in natural beauty at every stage, a hairpiece can ease the stress of hair loss, allowing you to live freely and, most importantly, normally. We love that clip-on hairpieces offer convenience and the flexibility to change up your look on a day-to-day basis.

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