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Even when you’re wearing a warm winter coat, an uncovered head can cause major body heat loss in cold-weather conditions. Our winter hats for women are ideal indoors or out. Whether you're a women who wants to be the belle of the ball or one who simply wants to feel cozy lounging around the house, Headcovers has all your winter hat & cap needs covered.
  1. Velour Tie Back Baseball Cap
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    Velour Tie Back Baseball Cap
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    Fleece Leah Hat
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Women’s Winter Hats from Headcovers

The great thing about wearing a hat is that it doesn’t matter what’s going on underneath. Whether you’ve got great hair, bad hair, no hair, or a giant flame tattoo on your scalp, a hat is the simplest grab-and-go automatic style option out there.

When winter hits, hats are more than just fashion accessories - they become essential to good health. At Headcovers, we offer just about every silhouette of women’s winter hats imaginable, from poised berets to slouchy beanies and elegant headwraps.


Cold Weather Silhouettes that We Love

Our favorite women’s winter hats are designed to cover your ears, offering a thick shell of protection against the elements. Women’s winter beanies ring in at top of the list, because of how incredibly versatile they are. One of our crowd favorites, the Slouchy Snood Hat, is heavy enough to be worn protectively outside but light enough to comfortably keep on indoors. It comes in 37 colors so you can get one to match every outfit (or coat) that you wear.

If you’re looking for total head coverage, our Fleece Leah Hat offers full protection without being bulky. For a seasonal statement piece, check out our Distressed Felt Newsboy Hat, which will keep you warm while adding a funky 70’s flair.

Other great silhouettes for winter coverage are cloches, snow hats, and the ultimate hybrid, our Beret Turban Hat.


Best Materials for Women’s Winter Hats

When the snowflakes fall, protecting your head is paramount to staying warm, especially for women dealing with hair loss. Choosing an insulative material takes a hat or cap from simply fashionable to fully functional. For maximum warmth, we recommend filtering your women’s winter hat search by fleece, wool, tweeds, and cotton. Velour and water resistant fabrics are also fully vetted for winter wonderland survival. For extra cold climates, we’ve got some seriously chunky knits, and even thick fleece sleep caps to guarantee a cozy stroll through dreamland.


How to Accessorize a Winter Hat

Of course, the most obvious way to accessorize a cute women’s winter hat is to pair it with a scarf. This classic duo offers maximum protection against the elements. Just remember - there’s no rule that your hat and scarf need to perfectly match! Mixing fun prints, colors, and textures can help to spice up an outfit. Earrings also look great with women’s winter hats, especially if you’ve got a special occasion to attend. And don’t forget the power of a flower! Be sure to check out our accessories page for Hand Crocheted Cotton Flower Pins and many more blooming beauties. When summer rolls around, you might even be reluctant to pack away your personalized winter gear.


How to Choose a Flattering Hat - and Beyond

As self-proclaimed headcover connoisseurs, we know that there’s a lot more to choosing a women’s winter hat than just finding something pretty. For example, did you know that part of how you look in a hat is determined by your body’s figure? A hat can be used as a tool to  balance out your natural shape, whatever that may be. Low volume, small brim hats tend to look better on petite people, while sweeping, wide brim hats look especially great on those with a fuller figure. The shape of your face also determines which silhouette will frame your features like a masterpiece. There’s no need to be overwhelmed - pick up some expert tips from our How to Wear a Hat guide, then come back to find your perfect match among our selection of cute women’s winter hats and caps.