Our vintage women’s hats offer the perfect balance of nostalgic silhouettes, sleek design, and modern convenience. This curated selection of women’s cloche hats, flapper hats, sun hats, and other retro options was designed with your comfort and head coverage needs in mind. Adding timeless chic to any wardrobe, our vintage hats for sale will satisfy even the most romantic of old-school souls.
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Vintage Women’s Hats from Headcovers

There’s something almost stately about vintage ladies’ hats, harkening back to a time when putting together an outfit was seen as necessity, rather than as a hobby exclusively reserved for fashionistas. At Headcovers, we have a soft spot for 1920s ladies’ hats, from turbans to cloches and wide-brimmed sun hats. The key to pulling off a vintage ladies’ hat is pairing it with a dash of mystique - knowing, as we do, that true style is timeless.


What is a Cloche?

The word cloche literally means “bell” in French, which makes sense, because cloche hats are defined by their bell-shaped silhouette and barely-there brim. Designed to be worn low over the eyes, cloches simultaneously say “come hither” and “stay back, I’m fabulous” - protecting the wearer while being irresistibly chic. Cloches are perhaps best known as the quintessential flapper hat, chosen by the chicest members of that long-ago decade.

For cancer patients or people experiencing hair loss, our 1920s cloche hats offer full head coverage. Our winter and summer cloche hat options will keep your retro style looking fresh all year round. Choose an asymmetrical version for extra pizazz, worn cocked at a slight angle for an authentic vintage attitude.


How to Style a Cloche Hat

The truth is that a 1920’s cloche hat doesn’t look quite right next to sweatpants and a hoodie. Still, with just the slightest amount of effort, cloches can look quite natural matched with pieces you already own. Try a pair of dark jeans with clean lines, and a shirt with a bit of embellishment or an interesting neck detail. Pretty prints and rich colors look good when topped with a cloche. Any pair of well-made shoes will do, but lace-up loafers, ballet slippers, and knee-high boots look especially good with this sort of hat. 

The key is to think poise - go with a knee-or-calf-length skirt instead of a mini, favoring straight lines instead of flared. A pair of dangly earrings works wonders to frame your face, and a string pearls probably wouldn’t hurt, either.


Other Vintage Ladies’ Hats We Love

The 1920s was a golden era of hats. Influenced largely by the flamboyant turn-of-the-century styles, wide-brimmed garden hats kicked off the decade as the most popular thing to wear. Often tied with a bow and accented with artificial flowers, women wore these pleasing toppers for an afternoon in the town or to share a kettle of tea. Try our Tatum Triple Braid Sun Hat for a fashionable base, building up the look with a Hand Crocheted Sunflower Pin or a vibrant Sassy Band for an authentic touch.

Halfway through the decade, the turban spiked in popularity due to a fascination with the exotic far east. Women often wore these twisted strips of fabric accessorized with a dose of bling; get a similar look with our Bejeweled Knit Turban or the sparkly Yasmin Twist Turban. If a whiff of nature is more your style, try the classic Flapper Turban, popular with our customers for being soft and stylish all at once.


Is a Vintage Hat Right for Me?

The word “vintage” can sometimes intimidate people, especially if they usually associate vintage women’s hats with dusty wardrobes or faded black-and-white photos. However, to appreciate vintage style one must only have a curiosity about the past and an appreciation for one-of-a-kind elegance. The great thing about vintage style is that it gives you an edge above rest, lets you climb to the next level of sophistication, shows that you have an eye for timeless beauty. If you’re a daydreamer, a book reader, a tea drinker, a museum-goer, or a lover of life, then you’ll enjoy perusing our vintage hats for sale. 

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