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Head scarves for women are a fabulous way to instantly up the glamour of any outfit. Chic and classic with a whiff of bohemianism, a hair scarf offers protection from the elements. They are the ideal solution when you don't have the time to style your hair and they feel especially good against sensitive scalps. Whether you’re looking for comfort during chemo, a scarf to protect your hair while sleeping or you are hoping to jazz up your regular hair routine, find your style among our selection of durable, beautiful hair scarfs.
  1. Grace Headwrap Headcovering
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    Grace Headwrap Headcovering
    Retail $29.99 Our Price $24.99
  2. White Stitching Oblong Scarf
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    White Stitching Oblong Scarf
    Retail $19.99 Our Price $12.99
  3. Oblong Olympia Scarf
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    Oblong Olympia Scarf
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  4. Abstract Floral Oblong Scarf
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    Abstract Floral Oblong Scarf
    Retail $18.99 Our Price $12.99

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Few accessories are as tasteful and universally elegant as the hair scarf. The graceful drape of fabric and artfully tied knot draw attention to the poise of the wearer more than a face of makeup or expensive pearls ever could. At Headcovers, we have classic square scarves, ultra-comfortable doo rags, and easy slip-on options, all designed to help you feel beautiful as you go about your day-to-day life.

A Guide to Our Luxurious Materials 

Silk, cotton, bamboo - oh my! Headcovers believes that high quality materials are just as important as style when it comes to crafting impeccable product. Plus, our fabrics are chosen with hair loss in mind, meaning they feel good against an irritated, bare, or sensitive scalp.


There’s nothing quite like silk, a fabric that feels more liquid than solid. Known for its beautiful drape and slight sheen, silk has a knack for making the wearer feel instantly glamorous. Due to the low density of fibers, silk is lightweight and has been valued for thousands of years for its longevity. For a sleek, single-hued look, try the Solid Silk Square Headscarf. However, we’re partial to the fanciful prints of this Pure Silk Headscarf as well.


Cotton is an ideal fabric to keep close to the skin, because it’s breathable - you can trust that it won’t keep the heat packed against your skull. It isn’t capable of holding an electric charge, so no static woes here, either. We love cotton for being great at absorbing dye, which means that your cotton headscarf is sure to be vibrant and pleasing to the eye. Try our Oversized 100% Cotton Woodblock Hand Stamped Head Scarves for a bohemian groove, or the Pre-Tied So Simple Head Scarf Covering for a no-slip solution to keeping your head covering in place.


A champion of sore skin everywhere, bamboo’s cool, soothing natural properties make it ideal for anyone needing an extra touch of comfort in everyday life. It’s hypoallergenic and antibacterial, offering UV protection as well as a supple drape. It’s easy to wash, too, which is why we’re sure it’ll quickly become a favorite in your hair scarf collection. The Bamboo Slip On Scarf is a great option for first-time scarf wearers, providing instant sophistication, no fuss required. Also check out the Bamboo Scarf Beanie for a fusion of the casual beanie cap and a voluminous, gathered scarf.

How to Tie a Head Scarf

Perhaps the most intimidating aspect of wearing a head scarf is securing it to your head. While there’s a bit of a learning curve for getting it right, we’ve got step-by-step instructions on our How To Tie a Head Scarf page. Our beautifully illustrated infographic will walk you through how to tie five popular head scarf looks, including the Classic, Bandana, Twisted Crown, Longtail Bow, and Rosette. Learn about the difference between square head scarves and rectangular head scarves; we’ve even got a video tutorial to keep you company while you’re figuring it all out.

Head Scarf Life Hacks

If you’ve ever attempted to wear a head scarf before, chances are you’ve experienced that dreaded “slipping” feeling, when the scarf just won’t seem to stay in place. At Headcovers, we’ve developed a couple of handy tricks to help eliminate that pesky tendency. Our Bamboo Scarf Pad was designed to add fullness to the crown of the head, while the french terry material acts as a stabilizing agent to grip the scarf in place. It also creates a barrier between your head and the scarf, so you can launder less and live more. Also check out the Bamboo Comfort Headband and our Padded Headband which can be worn under scarves and hats for total coverage and slippage control.