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What Exactly Is a Pixie Cut?

This just might be your something new to learn today. Did you know that the name “pixie” actually comes from fairies and the fact that a lot of them have the hairstyle? Did you also know that the term “pixie cut” officially became popular back in 1957 when actor Jean Seberg wore it in the movie Joan of Arc? Interesting, right?

So, what technically qualifies as being a pixie hairstyle? Although there are all sorts of variations to the look, the pixie is basically a haircut that is short in the back, sides and in the bang area while having a considerable amount of length on the top.

How to Know If a Pixie is the Right Hairstyle for You

Like most hairstyles, pixie cuts look best on certain face shapes—square, oval and heart-shaped are the ones that top the list. That’s because it’s the kind of look that accentuates the eyes and also draws attention to the forehead. For this reason, if you’re someone who is naturally self-conscious about yours, a pixie cut probably isn’t the best hairstyle for you.

There are tons of reasons why a pixie cut is ideal for natural hair (it’s low-maintenance, you can experiment with intense hair dyes, you can use it to grow out your relaxer, it’s a stylish way to repair hair damage, etc.) but if you don’t want to make such an extreme move on your own hair, the perfect alternative is investing in a pixie cut wig.

There are basically two different kinds of short pixie cut wigs —a human hair one or a synthetic wig one.

Benefits of a Human Hair Pixie Cut Wig

The benefit of purchasing a human hair pixie wig is, because it’s made from “real” hair, you’ll get the advantage of having the kind of wig that looks and feels natural, has natural movement and is pretty lightweight.

Just keep in mind that in order for your wig to look natural, the hair at the nape of your neck should lay flat. For that to happen 1) your wig needs to fit you to a “t” and 2) you may need a professional stylist to trim your wig while you have it on your head.

Benefits of a Synthetic Pixie Cut Wig

Hands down, one of the best things about any kind of synthetic wig is the price. For the amount that you pay for one human hair wig, you can purchase several synthetic ones. These days,thanks to the progression of synthetic hair, some of them look very much like human hair wigs (just make sure to avoid the budget types that look shiny like Barbie doll hair).

As far as short pixie cut wigs go, going with a synthetic one can be super-beneficial because many of them are styled so well that you can literally take them out of their packaging, put them on your head and go right out of the house. Plus, synthetic wigs are made to hold their style regardless of the humidity or weather (something else that’s a real bonus when wearing a short wig).

When purchasing synthetic wigs, pick a color and curl pattern that you really like; unlike human hair wigs, you don’t have that much freedom to alter a synthetic wig’s appearance. 

Pixie Cut Wigs for Cancer Patients

For cancer patients, hair loss is normally temporary. As soon as chemo ends, hair begins to grow back. This can mean that your hair will go through a few awkward phases. Every woman goes through a stage when her hair is very short - shorter than most women are comfortable wearing without some type of head cover. Pixie cut wigs to the rescue! The pixie is not only cute, it's the perfect transitional hairstyle. When those prickly hairs start coming in (and even during treatments), wear your pixie cut wig. When your own hair is long enough, treat yourself to a pixie cut hairstyle at your favorite salon, remove the wig and no one will know the difference! It will seem as though it was your hair all along. A pixie cut is the ideal first hairstyle as your hair grows back.

How to Take Care of Pixie Wigs

In terms of maintenance, pixie cut wigs aren’t much different from any other kind of human hair or synthetic wig. To learn more about caring for your pixie cut wig, visit our human hair wig care guide or our synthetic wig care guide

Why You’ll Love Your Headcovers' Pixie Wig

Whether it’s blonde, auburn, brown or something in between, we’ve got the perfect pixie cut wig for you. If you want something chic, sleek and uber-sexy that is modern and age-appropriate whether you’re in your 20s or your 60s, you simply can’t go wrong with a pixie cut wig!

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