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Shop our beautiful collection of remy human hair wigs, made from the finest quality real hair available. Our silky-soft remy hair is the ideal choice for white women who desire a hair texture that is like their natural caucasian hair. Women of color who desire a smoother hair texture find our remy human hair wigs a great choice too! Discover the luxury of remy hair today!

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What Are Remy Human Hair Wigs?

Remy wigs are 100% human hair wigs that are known for their high quality feel and appearance. They are different from regular human hair wigs because the method of collecting the hair and constructing the wig is more specific and careful. The human hair used in remy wigs is left untreated, meaning that the cuticles are not stripped of their natural protective coating, and the strands are not processed using silicone to unnaturally smooth the follicles.

The hair strands are also kept in the same direction that they were naturally grown, resulting in the smooth, natural look of remy wigs. Although this process is more labor-intensive, the end result is a high quality hair piece that is much more resistant to shedding, tangles, matting, brittleness and general degeneration.

These wigs are a great option of human hair wigs for white women that are looking for a very natural looking hair style. We offer several other types of wigs at different price points, as well as human hair wigs for black women - all from our favorite high quality brands.


How To Choose Your Remy Wigs

Finding the right wig for you can be a fun process that helps you express your style and feel confident doing so. Remy wigs are an excellent choice of wigs for white women that are trying to match their natural hair because of the high quality feel and appearance. At Headcovers we have a wide selection of human hair wigs in various styles, lengths, and colors to ensure you find your best match. Whether you have hair loss due to medical conditions, are experiencing partial hair thinning, or are looking for a new way to change your look, Headcovers has a ton of beautiful and comfortable options.


Remy Wigs at Headcovers 

Our variety of remy wigs are great human hair wigs for caucasian women because they will match the texture and feel of your natural hair. Check out some of our favorite remy wigs available at Headcovers right now.


Blake by Jon Renau Wigs - Get maximum versatility with this long, cascading wig you can style in countless ways. Constructed with a lace stretch cap to create a flawless look, incredibly natural movement, and a super comfortable, realistic feel.


Petite Award by Ellen Wille Wigs - This razor cut style has gorgeous layers surrounding the face. It can be worn various ways because of the monofilament, hand-tied, lace front cap construction, giving the appearance of a natural hairline.


Sabrina by Estetica Designs Wigs - The Sabrina is a short and sassy wig with fun layers that add volume and can be styled however you want!  A soft self-adhesive lining helps to add comfort and security, giving you more ease and confidence in wearing your wig all day.


How To Care For and Style Remy Human Hair Wigs 

Taking care of your remy wig is like washing and styling other human hair wigs. Because they are made of real human hair, you can use heat tools to style them any way you choose. Remy wigs are made of the highest quality of hair, and will last a long time with the proper care. The strands can be delicate, so make sure you are using shampoo specifically made for human hair wigs and only washing when necessary (about every 1-2 weeks). Always remember to use gentle rinsing and drying methods so the hair doesn’t tangle, and condition after washing. Read our full guide on how to wash human hair wigs so that your hair stays looking its absolute best!


Why are Remy Human Hair Wigs so Expensive?


At first, the price of a remy human hair wig for white woman may seem shocking — especially compared to a synthetic or regular human hair wig. What accounts for the price hike? Simply put, remy wigs are the best. Here’s why:


  • In-tact cuticles. Each strand of hair for remy wigs is carefully gathered so that the cuticle — the outside, water-resistant layer — remains intact. Remy wigs appear so highly realistic because the integrity of the strand is maintained.

  • Healthy strands. The hair collected for remy wigs is healthy and shiny. We don’t need to explain why that’s a pro when it comes to white girl wigs (or any kind of wig, for that matter).

  • Lightly processed. While the strands in regular human hair wigs are often dipped in silicone to create a faux sense of shine, remy human hair is chosen for its high quality from the get-go, which means minimal processing is required — so your remy wig will look the same, for longer.

  • Exact craftsmanship. Each strand of a remy hair wig is positioned in the same direction that it first grew. This reduces the amount of matting and tangling you’ll experience when wearing and caring for your remy human hair wig, and also creates a luscious, sought-after drape.

  • Long-lasting. While synthetic hair wigs may only last for 3-4 months, remy human hair wigs can last for at least a year in fantastic condition, if cared for properly.


Is a Remy Human Hair Wig Worth It?


We recommend remy human hair wigs for experienced wig wearers who want the most realistic appearance possible.

There’s no doubt that remy human hair wigs for white women are an investment, rather than an accessory. Here are three questions to ask yourself when determining whether a remy human hair wig is right for you:

  1. Do I want my wig to feel like my regular head of hair? Many women appreciate the fact that a remy human hair wig feels, moves and drapes just like their natural locks. If that’s a top priority for you, then a remy wig might be worth it.

  2. How long am I planning on wearing the wig? Remy human hair wigs are designed for long term wear — with the proper maintenance, they’ll look great for a year or more. But if you’re only looking for the occasional switch-up, you might be just as satisfied with a synthetic or regular human hair wig.

  3. Do I want to be able to heat style my wig? Loathe to give up your curling iron or straightener? Remy human hair wigs for white women — and black women — can be heat styled on those days when you’re in need of a fresh perspective. But if you’re a grab-and-go kinda gal, a remy human hair wig may not be as essential.

  4. How much maintenance am I prepared to put into my wig? Synthetic wigs are typically easier to take care of and less work overall. While synthetic wigs hold their preordained shape easily, human hair wigs are more likely to need styling and sprucing up from time to time.

Remy human hair wigs for Caucasion women, African American women and women of all ethnicities can be a wonderful blessing, especially in times of illness, because they lends the most authentic look and feel like regular hair. Still, it’s smart to weigh all your options evenly before making the investment.


How to Store Your Remy Human Hair Wig

Since remy human hair wigs are extra-delicate, due to their construction, proper storage is of pinnacle importance.

Here’s how to store your remy human hair wigs for white women, black women and every color in-between:

  • Rest it on a wig stand. A proper wig stand will help maintain the original style and shape of your wig, and will keep matting and tangles at bay while your wig is out of commission.

  • Avoid direct sunlight. Too much sun can cause strands to become dull and more prone to breakage. Keep your remy human hair wig in a cool, dry place to help maintain its original luster.

Most of all, remember not to wear your remy human hair wig while sleeping, as this can result in matted or broken strands.



Are There Remy Human Hair Wigs for Black Women?


Absolutely! At Headcovers, we’ve got remy human hair wigs for Caucasion women as well as black women.


We know it might seem odd to categorize wigs by skin color, but it’s only because we want customers to be able to find a wig that looks and feels as close to their natural hair as possible — if that’s their goal, of course.


If you’re looking for a remy human hair wig as a black woman, try filtering by brand. Vivica fox has a fabulous selection of remy human hair wigs, including Nature, which comes in nine colors, and Kaia, which comes in six.


If you’re not sure where to start — whether you’re looking for a remy human hair wig and are Caucasion, black, or any other ethnicity — get in touch with one of our stylists at 281-334-4287. We’ll help you untangle the terms and types of our different wigs — pun intended.