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  1. What are Chemo Caps?

    What is a chemo cap

    If you're going through chemo and losing your hair, you may be shopping for a chemo cap. But what exactly is a chemo cap? How do you know which caps are good during chemo? What are the best chemo caps? Learn the answer to these questions and more here!

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  2. 5 Ways to Rock the Bald Look

    5 Ways to Rock the Bald Look

    After hair loss from chemo or alopecia, there are tons of fashionable options available. One care-free option is rocking the bald look. Learn 5 styling tips to help you go bald with confidence and flair!

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  3. Vitamin D & Cancer

    Vitamin D & Cancer

    Have you ever wondered if certain vitamins and deficiencies are linked to cancer or preventing it? We take a look at Vitamin D deficiency effects, if it's linked to cancer, and how to get more in! 

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  4. 8 Ways to Make Your Synthetic Wig Last

    8 Ways to Make Your Synthetic Wig Last

    Synthetic wigs are very appealing due to their low maintenance care and styling, and affordable cost. Here are the 8 best ways to make your synthetic wig last and get the most life out of it!

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  5. What is a Cloche Hat?

    What is a cloche hat

    Even if you haven't heard the word cloche, you probably know what this hat looks like! Discover the origins of the fabulous 1920s flapper hat and learn how you can incorporate them into your everyday look.

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  6. 21 Wig Colors to Try in 2021

    21 Wig Hair Colors to Try in 2021

    If you're thinking about switching up things in the new year, look no further, we've got your ultimate 2021 Hair Guide! Here are 21 new wig colors to try out in 2021. 

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  7. 3 Holiday Recipes that Reduce Risk of Cancer

    Holiday Foods that Reduce Cancer Risk

    Looking for a healthy and tasty dish to add to your holiday table? Check out these 3 recipes. These sides have healthy, whole ingredients that may help lower your cancer risk!

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  8. How to be there for Someone from a Distance

    How to be there for someone from a distance

    It is hard being separated from the ones you love, especially if they are going through a hard time in their life. Unfortunately, sometimes being apart is the only option. Read different ways to stay connected with your loved ones and show them you care when you can't actually be with them.

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  9. Tips for Snapping the Perfect Christmas Card Photo

    Tips for Snapping the Perfect Christmas Card Photo

    Getting the perfect Christmas card photo doesn't have to be hard! Read for creative inspiration and ideas for your next Christmas card.

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  10. Christmas Gift Guide for Cancer Patients

    gift guide for cancer patients

    Are you looking for a Christmas gift for a cancer patient? Check out our gift guide for some creative ideas!

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  11. 5 Ways to Celebrate Christmas & the Holidays During COVID-19

    Tips for Celebrating the Holidays During COVID-19

    Have you been wondering how to navigate the holiday season during COVID-19? Look no further, we have our favorite holiday ideas to keep your family safe and healthy!

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  12. Breast Cancer During COVID-19

    Coping with breast cancer during COVID-19

    Learn how COVID-19 has impacted breast cancer patients and discovet helpful tips on coping with breast cancer during the pandemic.

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  13. 4 Everyday Ways to Lower Your Risk for Breast Cancer

    4 Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer Everyday

    It may be impossible to completely prevent breast cancer, but there are many ways you can help lower your risk. Learn 4 simple things you can do everyday to lower your risk of developing breast cancer.

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  14. 32 Best Breast Cancer Tattoos to Inspire You

    32 Best Breast Cancer Tattoos to Inspire You

    Every tattoo has a story to tell. The most brilliant tattoos are those created with purpose—the tattoos that show a person's passion. This is where breast cancer tattoos come into the picture. 

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  15. The Best Breast Cancer Breakthroughs of 2020

    The Best Breast Cancer Breakthroughs of 2020

    Discover the most encouraging breakthroughs, new research and therapies for breast cancer to come out of 2020. Learn some of the promosing treatments that will help make the lives of breast cancer patients better as we continue to learn more every day.

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  16. The Childhood Cancer Ribbon: Why We Use Gold

    Why is the Childhood Cancer Ribbon Gold

    In September, we honor Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Read this article to learn why the childhood cancer awareness ribbon is gold and learn what you can do to help children with cancer.

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  17. The Best Women's Hair Toppers

    The Best Hair Toppers for Women

    With so many toppers to choose from, how do you know which women's hair toppers are the best? Make your search for the perfect hairpiece easy! Learn how to spot the best toppers and see our top 7 topper picks. 

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  18. Should Men With Hair Loss Shave Their Heads?

    Should I shave my head for men

    Experiencing hair loss can be difficult and trying to figure out if you should shave your head can be even harder. We've compiled the top reasons to shave your head, and alternatives to going bald.

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  19. Top 6 (Unexpected!) Trends for Fall 2020

    6 Unexpected Fall 2020 Fashion Trends

    With fall just around the corner, its time to get your autumn wardrobe together. Learn the top 6 fall 2020 fashion trends to incorporate into your look this season. These unexpected trends might surprise you!

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  20. What is an Online Wig Consultation?

    Online Wig Consultation

    Unsure about buying a wig online? Our wig specialist is here to help you! Learn how an online wig consultation can make the process of finding the right wig as simple as possible.

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  21. 7 Reasons Why You Should Wear Viscose from Bamboo Clothing

    Reasons to wear bamboo viscose clothing
    Bamboo viscose clothing may not have the fame of cotton (yet!), but its practically perfect. Discover the unbelievable benefits of this fabric and why you should be wearing it now!
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  22. 4 Expert Wig Care Tips: Giving Your Wig TLC

    Giving your wig TLC

    It's important to give your wig TLC to make sure it looks its best. Learn 4 suprising wig care tips that will help you pamper you wig with tender loving care every day.

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  23. How Long Will We Need to Wear Face Masks for Coronavirus?

    How Long Will We Need to Wear Face Masks for Coronavirus?

    States are reopening, but face masks are still a requirement in most public places. How long will we need to wear face masks for coronavirus? As life resumes its usual course, it may be time to consider face masks the new normal. Read on to learn how long we will need to wear masks and why. 

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  24. 5 Best Face Masks for Viruses | Good Anti Virus Masks

    best face masks for viruses

    Will surgical masks protect against COVID-19? Are face masks recommended for the general public? Find out the 5 best types of masks for virus protection and if you should wear one.

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  25. What is a Beanie Hat?

    What is a beanie hat?

    Beanies have been around for hundreds of years, but do you know how they became so popular? Find out the history behind beanie hats and how people are incorporating them into fashion now!

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  26. Should I Tell People I Am Wearing a Wig?

    Should I Tell People I Am Wearing a Wig?
    Deciding whether or not you want to tell people you're wearing a wig can be hard. Do you have to tell everyone? Do you have to tell anymore? See our top tips and recommendations!
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  27. How to Buy Wigs that Look Real

    How to Buy Wigs that Look Real

    Finding wigs that look real can be tricky and confusing. Follow our easy tips and recommendations to help you find wigs that don't look like wigs!

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  28. Monofilament Wigs for Cancer Patients: Are They Right for You?

    Monofilament wigs for cancer patients

    Searching for the perfect wig can be a tedious and confusing task. To help you find the perfect wig for cancer patients, we've broken down the benefits of a monofilament wig.

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  29. Best Smoothies for Cancer Patients

    Best Smoothies for Cancer Patients

    Smoothies are an excellent way for cancer patients to get in all their fruit and vegetable servings and ease chemo side effects. Here are 5 delicious smoothies with our favorite ingredients!

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  30. 25 Inspirational Mother's Day Quotes to Share

    25 Inspiration Quotes for Mothers
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