As the original hair loss headwear site, we have been designing chemo caps, chemo hats & beanies for almost a quarter century. Our founder was a breast cancer survivor and hair stylist who sought meaning and purpose to the senselessness of cancer. She combined her personal experience, creativity and a desire to help others to found our company. Our hats for chemo patients were born in the heart and are made with love.

  1. Three Seam Turban - 100% Cotton Hat
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    Three Seam Turban - 100% Cotton Hat
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  2. Braided Becky Turban
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    Braided Becky Turban
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  3. Basic Bucket Brim Hat
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    Basic Bucket Brim Hat
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  4. Eva Cloche Hat |
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    Eva Cloche Hat |
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Why Chemo Hats from Headcovers

If chemo has butted its ugly head into your regularly scheduled programming, hair loss may be part of your near and present future. A chemo hat can help to ease the stress of the physical changes that you may experience during this time. The right chemo cap should provide silky smooth comfort while softening the appearance of a sore head. If you’re shopping with us, your chemo headwear can even elevate your look with a dash of glamour



Why We Recommend Chemo Headwear

One of the key functions of fur (hair...we mean hair), is to conserve heat. Even in the warmest of weather, without hair up there, your body will have to work extra hard to maintain its regular temperature. Chemo caps provide that missing layer of insulation with a healthy dose of style to boot. We’ve got cancer headcovers for every climate, from breathable cotton beanies, to thick wool cloches. 

Even if temperature isn’t one of your main concerns, chemo can cause tenderness and increased sensitivity on your scalp. Chemo headwear offers a basic layer of protection to help avoid the painful pangs that come with physical contact. Sun, wind, and condensation can all trigger discomfort. Since chemo can be very hard on your body, flakiness and itchy dry patches may materialize. The coverage that a chemo hat lends can help you feel more confident and comfortable while your body recovers.



How to Wear a Turban As a Chemo Cap

If twisting a towel on top of your head is enough of a challenge, tying a turban or headscarf can seem like an intimidating task. That’s why, at Headcovers, we’ve got a secret weapon. Instead of starting as scarves, most of our turbans slip on like a closely fitting hat. Layered pleats or gathers give the appearance of wrapped fabric, while natural fibers prevent that claustrophobic feeling. Headwraps, such as our popular Trinity Turban or whimsical Flapper Turban, are favorite chemo headwear options because they provide an elegant, polished look without the fuss of actually knotting a scarf around your head. To add even more volume and achieve a proportionate look, try wearing a Bamboo Viscose Padded Headband underneath. Not only does it create the illusion of hair, it will also help prevent your scarf from slipping. Friction - it’s a beautiful thing.


Chemo Caps for Sweet Dreams

Getting a good night’s sleep is hard enough without the stress and discomfort of illness. For cancer patients, sweet dreams may feel as elusive as completing a triathlon. Our sleep caps provide comfort and warmth to help you relax into deep slumber (this one doubles as an eye mask). If sensitivity is your biggest foe, our luxury Lace Sleep Cap, made of bamboo, will wrap your head in a smooth embrace.


The Psychological Benefits of Chemo Headcovers

Far from being a vain concern, hair loss can be a distressing side effect of cancer treatment. Each time you look in the mirror, hair loss is a reminder of your illness which, let’s face it, isn’t exactly a cheerful subject. That’s why finding a hat or turban that flatters your face and brightens your day can help in more ways than just elevating your personal style. Try personalizing your chemo hat with fun accessories like a braided warming headband or floral twists.


More Resources for Cancer Patients

At Headcovers, we’re not just here to sell product. If you have lingering cosmetic questions about chemo, check out our Chemo and Cancer page. There, you’ll find answers to questions like, “will my eyelashes fall out during chemo?” And, “what’s the deal with chemo brain, anyways?” We’ve got firsthand experience in this arena, so feel free to leave a comment if you’re left wanting more. 


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