Our sun hats for women combine stylish silhouettes with the height of sun protection technology to outfit you for a chic and safe outdoor experience. From sun visor hats to classic ball caps and fedoras, there’s a style to match every outfit. Fully vetted for comfort, durability, and ultraviolet protection, our women’s beach hats are carefully curated for worry-free warm weather fun.
  1. Basic Bucket Brim Hat
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    Basic Bucket Brim Hat
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  2. Tatum Triple Braid Sun Hat
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    Tatum Triple Braid Sun Hat
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    Bondi Burlap Cloche Hat |
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Sun Hats from Headcovers

Far from being a fashion accessory exclusive to beach adventures, sun hats are an essential element of outdoor protection. Sunburn isn’t the only danger that comes from too much sun exposure - skin cancer, damage to the eyes, and premature aging are all threats to fight as you spend time outside. At Headcovers, we specialize in helping women with hair loss look and feel their best, so most of our sun hats completely cover the head, concealing the hairline. Each sun protection hat is fully vetted for silky smooth comfort, free of scratchy seams or irritating fabrics. Whether you’re looking for a chic sun visor hat, a glamorous wide-brimmed hat, or a simple ball cap, we’ve got you covered with our fabulous collection of sun hats for women.


How to Manage Post-Chemo Sun Exposure

While everyone should be careful when it comes to prolonged sun exposure, the stakes are raised for cancer patients. Chemo can increase skin sensitivity, causing redness, dryness, itchiness, and peeling. Not only are the negative effects of UV radiation uncomfortable, they can also be dangerous. It’s important to be aware of exactly which parts of your body were exposed to chemo; these areas will be most susceptible to burning. It’s also a good idea to cover up any surgical scars you may have. When spending time in the sun, drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated, and of course, cover up with a UPF 50+ hat to ensure maximum protection.


What is UPF and Why Does It Matter?

We’ve all heard of Sun Protection Factor (SPF), which measures the effectiveness of sunscreen. However, Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) is just as important. UPF is a unit applied to clothing that defines the amount of UV radiation that can pass through fabric. Many of our women’s beach hats are UPF 50+, which means that only 1/50th of the ultraviolet rays can pass through to the skin beneath. The more UPS your piece of clothing or accessory has, the more protection you’ll get. We recommend choosing hats with at least UPF 30.

At Headcovers, we take sun protection one step further – many of our Cardani sun hats for women are UPF 50+ and lined with an exclusive blend of aloe vera woven together with bamboo. A cap that’s smart enough to regulate your body heat, soothe your scalp, protect against infection, and offer a barrier from the sun? Sounds like hat heaven to us.


Find A Sun Hat to Suit Your Style

When it comes to everyday protection, it’s hard to beat the UPF Adventure Hat with its flattering folds (hello, volume!) and 100% cotton newsboy cool. The aloe vera lining is luxurious and soothing, gentle enough for even the most irritated scalps. If you’re more of a wide brim gal, check out the McKenna Fedora. Wrapped with a chic ribbon, this stylish hat features flexible fabric, making it perfect for travel. Our Asymmetrical Cloche Hat is classic with a twist, particularly great if your face shape is angular and defined. Wear it with a slight tilt for extra fun-in-the-sun attitude. For a pop of color, our Brimmed Natalie Sun Hat for Women comes in a range of vibrant, happy hues, complete with an inner drawstring to allow for custom sizing and a canvas body for long term durability.

If you’re having trouble deciding on a perfect match, check out our How to Wear a Hat page for tips on choosing a hat based on your face shape and complexion.

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