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Our mens hats come in all shapes, sizes and styles because at Headcovers we understand that every man has his own unique needs.  That’s why our caps for men run the gamut from soft and flexible to sleek and stylish… no matter what the occasion you’ll be able to find a men's hat style that’s right for you. Whether you're a guy who wears hats for their stylish looks or if you’re experiencing hair loss caused by cancer treatments, alopecia or just ordinary aging, we’ve got you covered…literally! Our hats for men with cancer are designed for a comfortable fit and offer soft fabrics and minimal seams for sensitive scalps.

  1. Cotton Cuff Cap | Cozy Cap for Men
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    Cotton Cuff Cap | Cozy Cap for Men
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    Mens Fedora Hats | Mens Ombre Fedora
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A Unique Hat Store For Men

We offer a wide range of comfortable hats for men with and without hair loss. We aren't your average mens hat store because we understand how devastating hair loss can be, for women and men alike.  Though it may not always seem that way, losing your hair can be extremely traumatic for men.  Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be.  We offer all sorts of cool hats for men to help make the experience a little easier.  We have styles and fabrics that will help you look your best in all sorts of weather, so you can be on your game all year long!


Hats Designed With Balding Men In Mind

While many men embrace baldness, others aren’t as comfortable with it and may want mens caps that provide the right coverage without emphasizing hair loss.  That’s where we come in.  Our hats and caps for men with hair loss are designed to fit snugly and stay in place so that you can be completely comfortable while wearing them. Whether your hair loss is due to cancer, chemo or alopecia, rest assured that we are here to meet your needs.

Many men embrace a bald look, however, it can be quite difficult to accept when it is disease-related. Yes, bald is bold and beautiful, but it’s still a wise idea to protect your scalp from UV rays to reduce the risk of skin cancer. We offer classic fedoras and safari styles to protect you from intense sunlight. Or try one of our warm, cozy sleeping caps and beanies that are especially comfy for chemo-related hair loss as well as keeping a bald head warm in cool weather. Our hats for bald guys and our mens chemo caps have a deeper cut that drops slightly below the hairline to disguise hair loss. 

Chemo treatments can leave some people more sensitive to temperature extremes and to skin damage from sun exposure.  For this reason, we offer cool hats for men in a wide range of fabrics, from breathable straw and cotton to warm felt, so you can find something for any need.


Finish Off Your Look With Style

There’s more to consider when you shop in a mens hat store than just being practical.  Even when you’re not feeling your best, you still want to look good.  At Headcovers we understand that need, which is why we offer a wide range of styles. For a casual day out, try our Faux Leather Baseball Cap.  Or top off a dressier look with a dressier fedora style.  No matter the occasion, we have mens caps and hats that can fit the bill.

In the cold weather we feature hats for bald guys that also provide an extra layer of warmth.  From knitted beanies to fleece sleep caps, we’ve got you covered night and day.  When the weather turns warmer, you can choose one of our wide brimmed cotton hats, some of which come with long flaps for extra UV protection, or a stylish straw fedora.  We also offer a wide range of drivers caps for guys, in linen or cotton, for a classic look that is sure to please. 

Top Hat Styles for Men

Today's man knows fashion and style and isn't afraid to express himself in what he wears. Fedora hats offer a laid back, timeless style that is unmatched. Our knit hats for men are made from 100% cotton to offer a soft alternative to our more structured looks. We offer classic fedoras and safari styles to protect you from intense sunlight. Outdoor styles are often popular because they offer protection for the head, face and neck from the sun's harmful rays. From classic baseball caps and elegant berets to driver caps and cool beanies … browse our handsome selection of hip and sporty men’s hats today. We’re certain you’ll find the perfect style to reflect your unique persona and needs.