Women’s hats are the antidote to bad hair days, no hair days, and beyond. The right cap can complete an outfit and enhance your personal style. They’re a quick fix if you’re in a rush, giving you the freedom to enjoy your day, hassle-free. Our hats for women were designed with hair loss in mind but can be worn by anyone looking for an excellent fit and tasteful design.

  1. Three Seam Turban - 100% Cotton Hat
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    Three Seam Turban - 100% Cotton Hat
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    Three Seam Cotton Sleep Cap
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Choosing Hats for Women - Where to Begin?

At first glance, our selection of women’s headwear may seem overwhelming. The best way to break it down is by style. Here’s a quick rundown of what we have to offer:

Beanies: Versatile and low-key, women love ou beanies because they are easy to slide on, soft against bare skin, and add a bit of streetwear cool to any outfit.

Newsboy Hats & Baseball Caps: A sporty alternative, these caps offer a casual look for after-hours and weekends, with the extra perk of a brim to protect your face.

Bucket Hats: They’re hip, funky, and offer 360° protection from the elements while maintaining a playful edge.  

Turbans: Our women's turbans offer an elevated look with the easy wearability of a beanie. Just slip ‘em on and go – no fortune-teller vibes in sight.

Pre-tied Scarves: Equipped with an insider secret, our pre-tied scarves look elaborate and add fullness to your head’s silhouette but slide on smoothly – no knotting required.

Sun Hats: Soak up the vitamin D without risking harmful side effects. Our sun hats for women come with full coverage and SPF protection.

Sleep Caps: Scalp sensitivity can be at its worst when you’re trying to rest. Soothe and protect with a sleep cap made of silky-smooth materials.

Hats for Hair Loss from Headcovers

While anyone can wear our stylish headwear, our selection of hats for women was specifically curated with hair loss in mind. That means each hat has been vetted for full coverage and absolute comfort. We account for receding and lost hairlines, as well as sensitive scalps, because we have extensive experience in this arena.

Expect our headwear for hair loss to stay securely in place; our high-quality materials will form to your head’s shape without feeling restrictive. Nowhere on our site will you find a women’s hat with scratchy seams or cheap material. That’s what sets us apart from other headwear retailers - we know hair loss, so we deliver products to solve your problems.

A Guide to Our Favorite Women's Hat Materials

We believe that high quality materials are just as important as style when it comes to crafting impeccable cute hats for women. Plus, natural fibers can be a godsend for itchy or sensitive scalps. Here’s a cheat sheet to catch you up to speed:

Cotton: Cotton is an ideal fabric to keep close to the skin, because it’s breathable - you can trust that it won’t keep the heat packed against your skull. It isn’t capable of holding an electric charge, but absorbs dye like a dream, which means your cotton cap’s rich hue will last.

Bamboo: A champion of sore skin everywhere, bamboo’s cool, soothing natural properties make it ideal for women needing an extra touch of comfort. It’s hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and comes with built-in UV protection. And bamboo is easy to wash, making it low maintenance to boot.

Silk: A fabric that feels more liquid than solid, silk is known for its beautiful drape and slight sheen. It’s lightweight, due to the low density of fibers, and has been valued for thousands of years for its longevity.  

How to Choose a Flattering Hat - and Beyond

As self-proclaimed headcover connoisseurs, we know that there’s a lot more to choosing headwear for hair loss than just finding something pretty. For example, did you know that part of how you look in a hat is determined by your body’s figure? A hat can be used as a tool to balance out your natural shape, whatever that may be. Low volume, small brim hats tend to look better on petite people, while sweeping, wide brim hats look especially great on those with a fuller figure.

The shape of your face also determines which silhouette will frame your features like a masterpiece. The key is to achieve an ovular shape – so a tall crown with fuller height looks best on round faces, while soft curves tend to flatter more angular complexions. While there’s a lot to consider, we don’t want you to feel overwhelmed. That’s why we created our How to Wear a Hat Guide, so you can pick up some tips to shop our cute hats for women like a pro.

What is UPF and Why Does It Matter?

We’ve all heard of Sun Protection Factor (SPF), which measures the effectiveness of sunscreen. However, Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) is just as important. UPF is a unit applied to clothing and accessories. It defines the amount of UV radiation that can pass through fabric. If a hat is UPF 30, it means that only 1/30th of the ultraviolet rays can pass through. The more UPF is built into your hat, the more protected your skin will be.

UPF 30 is generally recommended for outdoor caps. But at Headcovers, we take protection one step further. Many of our Cardani sun hats for women are UPF 50+ and lined with an exclusive blend of aloe vera woven together with bamboo. A cap that’s smart enough to regulate your body heat, soothe your scalp, protect against infection, and offer a barrier from the sun? Sounds like an adventure to us.

Just Add Hair - Pieces that Pair Well with Hats

Adding a hair piece to your hat for hair loss can be a fun way to spice up your regular look. Halo hair, detachable bangs, and ponytail headband are the perfect way to add some “oomph” without investing in a full-coverage wig (which, let’s face it, can be heavy when worn beneath a hat). Our favorite options include:

Halo Hair. Named after its angelic construction, halo hair consists of gentle elastic straps with hair attached to the sides, which create a curtain of fringe around the head. Just slide it on and top it off with your favorite women’s hat.

Ponytail Headband. Designed by our founder, this headband is made of moisture-wicking black fabric and has a ponytail attached at the back with tendrils falling softly at the sides. This product looks lovely under women’s baseball caps, with the ponytail laced through the back opening.

Detachable Bangs. Attach our natural looking bangs to the front of your favorite hat or turban via Velcro. They’re easy on, easy off, and add the perfect amount of face-framing fringe. Our Instant Hair Headband makes switching between caps a breeze.

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