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Do the human hair eyebrows look like natural eyebrows?

Our Realistic Eyebrows are hand made out of 100% human hair. They are the closest item on the market to real eyebrow hair. Each piece of hair is carefully placed by hand on a flexible gel backing which gives the appearance of real hair growing from the brow line. The hair is placed directionally to mimic typical eyebrow hair growth.  Since they are hand made, slight variations will occur. These variations allow for a realistic look, as natural eyebrows are not perfect or identical.  This video gives a general overview of our eyebrow wigs and covers the shapes and color options.



What is an eyebrow wig?


An eyebrow wig is simply a wig for your eyebrows.  Many individuals wear an eyebrow wig when they have thinning or lost their eyebrow hair.  An eyebrow wig is often but not always made out of human hair.  They come on a flexible gel backing or a lace backing.  The eyebrows with gel backing have human hairs that are hand placed to mimic natural hair growth patterns found in natural eyebrows and have the most natural look.  Unlike a wig that sits on top of your head, eyebrow wigs require and adhesive to stay on. There are specially formulated adhesives to adhere them to your skin.  


Can I wear the eyebrows in water?


The Realistic Eyebrows can be worn in the shower although, we do discourage prolonged submersion. Many customers have had success with them at the beach or in fresh or salt water pools.  We do not recommend wearing them in the swimming pool due to the harshness of pool chemicals. 

How do I secure the eyebrows?

You can use eyelash adhesive, however, you may find it does not hold as well as eyebrow adhesive.  We recommend using our Secure Hold adhesive in order to apply the Realistic Eyebrows. Our Secure Hold dries clear and is formulated for long-lasting wear. This formula will allow you to remain worry-free while securing your eyebrows in place for days.

How long can I wear the eyebrows?

Each Use:  Many of our customers are able to wear our Realistic Eyebrows for two to three consecutive days at a time. However, we do recommend removing them each evening to allow your skin to breathe and to clean the adhesive off the gel backing. Doing this will increase the longevity of the eyebrows. 

Total Wear:   Eyebrows generally last from 2 to 4 months with proper care.  Many factors impact their longevity.  Heat, chemicals, improper cleaning, perspiration, abrasiveness, and sleeping in the eyebrows can decrease their life span.  


How do I apply human hair eyebrows?

Application Instructions for Glue-On Eyebrows:

  1. Apply a small amount of eyebrow adhesive to the eyebrows gel backing (opposite side from the hair).
  2. Starting at the inner edge of the brow line, place the eyebrows on the brow line, forming the desired shape and arch. Using the teeth of a comb on an eyebrow brush, press gently on the eyebrows until the adhesive is dry. (Using a comb allows the adhesive to grab the base, without getting the glue on the hairs fibers).
  3. An eyebrow pencil or powdered eyebrow shadows can be used to enhance the color and finish the look.

How do I remove the human hair eyebrows?

Removing Glue-on Eyebrows:

  1. Starting at the inner edge, very gently peel off the eyebrows. Use a cotton swab dampened with an oil based make up remover to soften the adhesive.
  2. Once removed, our adhesive remover (sold separately) may be used to gently clean any residue from the base of the eyebrows. Caution: Avoid contact of the adhesive remover with the eyes.
  3. After applying the adhesive remover, carefully rinse the brows with cool water and allow to air dry.

Can I cut the eyebrows?

The eyebrows can be cut to shape if desired. In order to do this, we recommend carefully part or move the hairs out of the way of the gel backing.  Then with a fine pair of scissor cut between the hair roots to avoid cutting off wanted hairs.   If all or certain hair is longer than desired then you may want to cut the eyebrows to the desired length.  In this case you can slighty bend the backing to lift the hair and then with a fine pair of scissors cut to the desired length. This video will provide further details about cutting your eyebows.


When do I need to replace my eyebrows?
With proper care and handling, the Realistic Eyebrows have the potential to last up to 4 months. However this does also depend on how often you wear the eyebrows and the length of each wear. We recommend using our adhesive remover to remove the adhesive from the backing to allow for a smooth, clean surface for the each wear. 

How do I clean the eyebrows?

We encourage using our Adhesive Remover for Eyebrows and a cotton swab to remove the Secure Hold adhesive from the clear backing of the eyebrows after each use. This will increase the longevity of the Realistic eyebrows and will allow for a fresh, smooth backing after each use. To avoid damage, do not submerge the eyebrows in the adhesive. To wash, move the eyebrows gently in a bowl of cool water with a small amount of mild shampoo. Rinse gently with cold water. Gently pat dry with a towel. Do not rub or apply heat. 

If I have existing eyebrow hair, will it pull out the hairs I have left?

Many of our customers have had success using these brows with existing hair and have not had any problems with the glue pulling out existing hair.

What if the eyebrows are darker or lighter than what I need?

You can enhance our Realistic Eyebrows using either an eyebrow pencil or powder. Apply the eyebrows first and then carefully apply the makeup until the desired shade is achieved. 

Are the eyebrows made for one use only or can you use the same pair everyday?

Most of our customers use the same pair of eyebrows for about 2-4 months.

Can the eyebrows be applied over foundation makeup?

Yes, many of our customers apply these over their regular makeup. However, keep in mind that anything applied to the skin before application of the eyebrows will provide an additional barrier to the glue. We recommend using any skin care products lightly before applying your eyebrows. Many customers clean the brow area with a toner and cotton swab before applying them.

Can I wear the eyebrows during sports or sweating?

Many of our customers have found the eyebrows work well and can tolerate sweat during sports. We recommend our Secure Hold Adhesive for best results. Much like eyelashes or makeup, the adhesive reacts with each individual's skin and perspiration differently. Trying eyebrows during private exercise such as yoga, jogging or home aerobics would be a good way to test the eyebrows and adhesive with your particular body chemistry. If the brows start coming up at the edges with prolonged wear when sweating, you can apply a small amount of glue right underneath the edge as needed. 

Can I customize my eyebrows with makeup?
Eyebrow makeup is an invaluable tool because it allows you to alter your brows to perfectly flatter and fit your face. It can also make false eyebrows look more realistic. Eyebrow powder and pencils can be used to fill in the brows if you desire more volume. If you find your eyebrows too short, an eyebrow pencil can be used to extend the length. Simply make short strokes at the end of the brow.  When using makeup to customize your eyebrows, be sure to blend it throughout the brow. Using several short strokes throughout your eyebrows will eliminate the bandaid effect of only using makeup in one area of the brows. Expert tip: Blend eyebrow makeup with a spooly brush for a finished look.  




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100 100

Have you ever done. Other facial hair for men? (Posted on 03/16/2019)

for kids? Review by Learn About Eyebrow Wigs
80 100

My 10 year old daughter has trichotillomania (pulls her eyebrows and eyelashes). Would these eyebrows be suitable for someone her age? Also, is the gel backing clear or skin tone (and if so, what color?) (Posted on 10/07/2018)


Yes, a 10 year old can wear these. However, you may also want to try our temporary eyebrow tattoos as active children often find them a better choice. The gel backing is clear to blend in with the skin tone. Just let us know if we can answer any further questions! (10/08/2018)
How to remove glue Review by Learn About Eyebrow Wigs
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I got clue on the hair of my eyebrow wigs how can I remove the glue without damaging the eyebrow wig??I don’t have no adhesive glue remover .. (Posted on 07/08/2018)


We recommend purchasing our eyebrow adhesive remover and then gently applying it to the base of the eyebrow with a cotton swab. Some customers have used baby oil, but we cannot recommend this... it may cause damage or deterioration to the base of the eyebrow. (04/17/2019)
Alopecia Universalis Review by Learn About Eyebrow Wigs
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I am a male and I have Alopecia Universalis, and so I lost all of my hair, which unfortunately includes eyebrows and eyelashes. :(( I really hate going out in public like this. Do you have any eyebrow and eyelash wigs designed for guys and do they look authentic and realistic? (Posted on 12/19/2017)

Wonderful product! Review by Learn About Eyebrow Wigs
100 100

I have little to no eyebrows, hormonal changes and health challenges have slowly robbed me of them. I have been drawing them on for 5 years, a daily hassle and very restricting. So pleased to have found these, I will never be without them. I took some time to make a considered decision about shape and color, I suggest others also take some time to be careful with your choice. Lots of help at Headcovers if you have any questions, no matter how small, I remember someone answering a question on a Sunday!!. The ones I chose are a perfect fit to my face, almost a custom fit. The color is very true and the quality is beautiful, soft and natural. Application was easy, I followed the instructions, taking care not to get the adhesive anywhere near the delicate hairs, take your time and apply an even layer of glue, allow to become clear and then position. Press gently, no rubbing, particularly against the hair growth so as not to damage the product, I used the back of a makeup brush. These are tough but delicate things. A gentle brush and off I go. I have been wearing them for over 24 hours now, no sign of lifting. The remover is great and a little goes a long way. If you get any on the skin around the product just a gentle rub with a cotton tip. If you gently feel around once you've applied it will feel tacky on the skin, clean it away before applying makeup to the area. They look so natural. I'm so pleased to have 'real' brows, so much more confidence and so easy. I don't know how I ever lived without them. I will be a dedicated customer for life, thank you so much for all your help. Blessings. x (Posted on 11/10/2017)

Glue Review by Learn About Eyebrow Wigs
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Why don't u sell the. Glue I thought it would come with the brows (Posted on 06/05/2017)


The glue is sold separately and is available on our website. (08/02/2017)
What eyebrow shape should I choose? Review by Learn About Eyebrow Wigs
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What shape of eyebrow wig should I choose? I have drawn my brows for so long I'm not sure which shape would work best for me. (Posted on 02/23/2017)


We recommend visiting our Eyebrow Shapes Guide for a full tutorial here: https://www.headcovers.com/resources/beauty/eyebrow-shapes/ (03/27/2017)
Ms BNBL Review by Learn About Eyebrow Wigs
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Hi, I dont have cancer, but have Hypothyroidism to the point of having 'Queen Ann Sign' or Hertoghe ( yes, I had to Wikipedia that too! LOL)! Your eyebrows are awesome! When I 1st tried them, I was very skeptical of their being realistic as your site claimes. But low n behold, they are so realistic! Believe me, I have kids that would be more than happy to point it out if they looked fake! However, i guess I am rough on them, because I seem to go through a pair a month ( the price is reasonable enough for me to be able to purchase them by the month), is there any chance you might start a buyers club in which I could have a pair sent to me monthly while having them directly debited from my credit card on file or via PayPal? It would be so awesome to have them sent automatically! Just a thouht for those of us who are in need of a monthly fix! ???? Thanks, The Ex- Bare Nakid Brow Lady! (Posted on 12/02/2015)

was born without any eyebrows Review by Learn About Eyebrow Wigs
100 100

this is the best option I could have ever chosen I didn't want tattoos not knowing how they were going to turn out didn't want implants too much money and work....this is so simple and easy and so natural I had so many compliments and people couldn't believe they weren't real like my own eyebrows....I grew up all my life penciling them on and one day saw this site bought them and forgot to buy the adhesive 4 yrs ago. and just last weekend my friend and bridesmaid knew how to put them on and had the adhesive and I try them on for the first time on the day of my wedding...for the first time I woke up I didn't have any of my things or my eyebrow pencil that I relied on so much and realized I didn't need it I never ever left the house without putting them on... im still wearing them and just read the instructions lol but its sooooo worth it every cent this is going to change my life and more confident.... thank you headcovers for changing my life and making it easier (Posted on 06/17/2015)


Thank you so much for your feedback! We love hearing these stories. :) (06/26/2015)
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