How to Buy Wigs that Look Real

Wigs can be a total confidence boost for anyone experiencing full or partial hair loss. However, purchasing a wig only to find it looks fake or “costume-y” can leave you feeling frustrated; no one wants to look like they're wearing a wig. This is where buying a wig gets tricky. What should you look for in a wig to ensure it look natural? We’ve got the scoop on what you features you need to look for to find wigs that look real, natural, and beautiful.

Top 4 Tips: Buying Wigs that Look Real

Picking out the ever-coveted natural looking wig is all about the features. When you’re checking out a wig, pay attention to hair type, cap style, cap features, and color.


Tip 1:  Look for High-Quality Hair 

One huge difference between wigs is the type of material used to create the locks.

It is a common misconception that synthetic hair does not look real. In reality, high quality synthetic wigs are almost indistinguishable from human hair wigs. Human hair wigs, however, are heavier and react to elements like your own hair, which can give a more realistic look. 

Choosing between synthetic or human hair wigs is a matter of personal preference, as both can be natural and realistic. However, no matter which hair type you choose, make sure the hair is high-quality. Nothing will give you away faster than low-quality locks in both synthetic and human hair. In general, wigs that are made by known and trusted designers will have higher quality hair. 



Tip 2:  Find Wigs with Monofilament or Hand-Tied Caps

Finding a wig with a monofilament top is a sure-fire way to find wigs that look real. The monofilament top is made by individually tying hairs to a mesh area on a section of the wig. This creates the look of hair actually growing from the scalp and allows the hair to move freely, giving an ultra realistic look. Hand-tied wigs also give you this benefit, but the entire cap is hand-tied rather than just a section at the top; this creates a very natural appearance and makes the wig more comfortable. Click here to shop monofilament wigs



Tip 3: Buy Wigs with Lace Fronts

Lace fronts are created by hand-tying individual hairs to a strip of lace or mesh along the wig's hairline. This the appearance of a natural hairline to your wig, giving a realistic look and allowing you to style hair off the face. On wigs that do not have bangs, a lace front is essential to creating the most realistic look possible. While some love lace fronts, others find lace fronts are uncomfortable. If your wig has bangs that cover up the hairline, a lace front is not necessary to get a realistic look. Click here to shop lace front wigs.



Single-shade wig colors can sometimes give off a "flat" appearance. Wig colors with highlights can add dimension to your wig and create a more realistic look.

Short Wigs that Look Real

With so many wigs available on the market, it can be difficult to find short wigs that look real. The easiest way to make sure you are purchasing a realistic wig is to follow the tips above. The good news? Short wigs are a little bit more forgiving than longer styles when it comes to looking realistic. It is less noticable when short wigs do not monofilament tops, and many short styles have bangs, making lace fronts unnecessary. Take a look at some great short wigs that look real below! Click here to shop short wigs.

Crushing On Casual by Raquel Welch Wigs

Thanks to the monofilament top and lace front, this wig gives a super realistic look. The synthetic hair is high quality and easy to care for.

Diane by John Renau Wigs

This wig features a monofilament top, lace front, and a hand-tied cap. The razor cut gives this short wig natural movement and a realistic look. You might even forget you're wearing a wig!

Jazz Mono by John Renau Wigs

Jazz Mono has a monofilament top without a lace front, making it a good option for women who find lace front wigs uncomfortable. 

Finding the right wig can be tricky, but if you use our tips you will be able to find lots of wigs that look real! Do you have any tips on choosing realistic wigs? Let us know in the comments below! Click here to shop a full selection of wigs for women.