Hats, turbans and wigs for hair loss. For cancer, chemotherapy, alopecia, trichotillomania and other medical patients.

hats, turbans, wigs & gifts for cancer chemotherapy patients  


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Essentials Wig Care Set

This convenient wig care set comes with all the basics to care for your synthetic wig. Compiled by our cosmetologist, this fantastic kit can only be found here.

Price: $28.99

Cushion Band - Gel Headband - Grips Wigs

The Cushion BandTM  is a therapeutic gel filled headband worn under your wig or hat, to make it more comfortable and secure.  It helps to reduce shear forces of the wig on the skin and distributes the weight of the wig evenly.  It prevents wigs from slipping and riding up on the head. The Cushion BandTM grips securely to the skin, holding your wig firmly and comfortably in place.

Price: $25.00

Wire Wig Stand - Portable Metal Wig Stands

A wig stand is an essential tool to help maintain a wig's appearance and longevity. This collapsible wig stand will help your wig hold its shape when not in use. It is also ideal for drying your wig after shampooing.

Price: $5.85

Antibacterial Wig Cap

Our Antibacterial Wig Cap is the most exclusive wig cap on the market.  This wig cap is specially woven with thread, that acts as an anti-bacterial agent.

Price: $5.50

Revlon Folding Wig Stand

Our top quality Revlon wig stand is made of sturdy heavy duty plastic. Collapsible construction makes this wig stand perfect for travel and easily stored.

Price: $4.99

100% Cotton Wig Cap

Lightweight, breathable 100% cotton fabric has been fashioned into a wig cap, providing the highest level of comfort.

Price: $5.99

Deluxe Wig Lift Comb

This is our favorite styling tool and many of our customers agree. Our fantastically versatile comb will be your go-to styling tool.  

Price: $2.99

Revlon Mesh Wig Cap

Our quality mesh wig cap features an open top design. This nylon cap allows you to anchor your wig using hairpins, without tearing the wig's liner.

Price: $3.99

Brandywine Non-Static Wig Shampoo

Cleans, conditions, removes hair spray and lacquer from synthetic fiber wigs and hairpieces. Can also be used on real hair.

Price: $7.99

Wig Chin Styling Strap for Wigs

For easy styling of your wig, try our handy chin strip to hold your wig securely in place.

Price: $2.99