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Gift Ideas for Cancer Patients

The cancer patient isn't the only one affected by a cancer diagnosis. Cancer affects everyone, including the patient's family, friends and co-workers. A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming and unsettling for everyone involved. As friends and loved ones, we want to do something to help. We may feel powerless. But there are many things we can do to share the burden and show our support. It is common to feel uncomfortable facing our friend or loved one with cancer because we don't have the right words to say.

It is important to remember that the greatest gift you can give is often just your presence. You don't need to have the right words. Just be there. A gift can be as simple as a ride to and from chemo treatments, keeping them company during long waits in doctor's offices, helping out with pets or yard work, shoveling snow from the driveway or bringing over a home cooked meal. Think about what things might be difficult for them during this time and try to anticipate and fill the gaps. Perhaps they have a large family and could use some help with the laundry. There are many creative and considerate ways you can help without giving anything more than your time and effort. For the cancer patient, knowing that they are not alone and that someone cares is especially important.



cancer gifts - word search book

Puzzle books can entertain during waits for treatments, hospital visits and doctor's appointments.

Loved ones who live miles away or those who want to leave behind a momento when they cannot be with their loved one may choose a tangible gift to show their support. Uplifting cancer gifts may be as small as an inspirational magnet placed on the refrigerator, jewelry or an meaningful bracelet to wear to treatments.

A comfort tool such as a cancer related book or journal can be very therapeutic and make a great gift for cancer patients. Our selection of books are chosen to motivate, inspire and encourage. Reading about other peoples' cancer journeys affirms that they are not alone in their experience. Our journals allow them to process their own feelings, record their journey and celebrate overcoming each hurdle along the way.

One thing that cancer patients must do a lot is sit around in waiting rooms. Waiting for tests. Waiting for chemotherapy treatments. Waiting for doctor's appointments. It can be boring. For this reason, we offer a large selection of attractive puzzle books that are not only pretty but entertaining. They are easily tucked into a purse or tote. The books include word searches, crossword puzzles, suduko and others. 

Treating your loved one to a subscription from their favorite magazine is also a useful gift that will help to pass the time.

Cancer patients' skin can become very dry and lips can become chapped as a side effect of chemotherapy or radiation treatments. Cancer patients are sensitve to smells and chemicals so it is often difficult to find cosmetic items that work well for them.

Danielle Yates, President, used our Alra lotion to nourish her mother, Carol's dry skin during treatments. It made her feel pampered and provided moments of closeness and connection as she soothed her tired arms, legs and face. Developed by a cancer patient's chemist husband for his wife, the all natural ingredients were especially soothing.

Another thing Danielle did for her mother during her cancer journey was to paint her fingernails for her. It's little things like this that provide memories and closeness.

During earlier treatments, Carol used our Elta cream to soothe her chapped skin. She was so enthusiastic about it, she decided to carry it in our online store and always recommended it to anyone who would listen. Our natural aloe lip balm also provides great relief and nourishment for lips in need.

cancer gifts - lotions for cancer patients 


Providing your friend or loved one with an assortment of cute hats and turbans to wear will alleviate the burden of hair loss and give them something to look forward to wearing. Our customers tell us regularly that a variety of options is welcomed in a situation where they feel like they don't have many choices. Many of our customers throw hat parties for their loved ones in support of their hair loss. We have assembled many creative ideas in our Hat Party Resource page. 

cancer gifts - sleep caps for cancer patients

Something that makes your loved one feel normal when they have lost not only their hair but their normalcy is especially appreciated.

A pretty sleep cap that wraps their head and keeps them warm is often overlooked as a necessity. They are essential for hospital stays and treatments.

cancer gifts - head scarf and tote set

 Our woodblock scarf with matching tote bag set makes a wonderful gift for a cancer patient. It comes in several colors and prints.

The set includes a hand made cotton head scarf along with a coordinating tote bag. The tote bag is the ideal size for carrying knitting, magazines, books, small laptops or magazines along to treatments. 

Consider purchasing this set and filling it with a journal, puzzle books or craft kits that will alleviate boredom in the waiting room.

cancer patient gift ideas 

A beautiful head scarf can make the cancer patient feel especially feminine and special and makes a beautiful gift.

You can even learn how to tie the scarf together as a meaningful event.

This paisley print silk scarf has an especially luxurious feel. Our head scarves come in an abundance of prints, colors and fabrics so there truly is a scarf for everyone.



cancer gifts - clinging cross

The clinging cross can be clasped and held onto during moments of strong emotion.

Inspirational Gifts

A token that is carried along to treatments is a meaningful and encouraging gift. For example, we have a "clinging cross" that can be held and gripped when feeling afraid or alone.

A piece of jewelry such as a cancer bracelet is a sentimental gift that is kept as a reminder that you are there with them in thought.

We also offer a wide assortment of pocket tokens that can be discreetly carried along with your loved one at all times. Many include inspirational verses. Sometimes small and inexpensive gifts are the most cherished items.

A framed photograph from a positive time can be placed on the bedside table or in the hospital room and also makes a welcomed gift.


cancer gifts - angel boxTokens such as our angel prayer box bring your presence and comfort to your loved one during treatments.


Home Made Gifts:  

Not to be forgotten are the homemade gifts you can make yourself. Here are a few ideas for inspiration:

Decorate a Scarf: Buy a solid colored scarf such as our Oversized Cotton Solid Head Scarf, our Solid Silk Head Scarf or our 30.5" Solid Cotton Head Scarf. Decorate it in a meaningful way. For example, you could have everyone write a message of hope and love, a scripture or a prayer on the scarf. You can paint the scarf with meaningful images. Loved ones can write what they appreciate or love about the cancer patient. The scarf can be embellished in all sorts of creative ways (beads, sequins, embroidery, etc), making a truly unique and personal gift.


Create a Prayer Bracelet: Each person from your family or group of friends selects a unique, meaningful bead. Each person shares their bead and words of encouragment or prayer for the loved one and adds their bead to the bracelet. All of the beads together make a unique bracelet that is given to the cancer patient to wear during treatments. Include a legend or description of each bead and who shared it.

Pillow Cases: Buy a plain pillow case and decorate it with encouraging words and messages of hope. They will have it beside them even during the most difficult moments.

cancer gifts - making a quilt for a cancer patient

Chemo Lap Quilt: Gather a group of friends together. Each person makes one square for a patchwork quilt. Your square can be made from an old t-shirt (from an event that you shared with the cancer patient), a note written on plain fabric with a sharpie marker, a piece of fabric that is meaningful to you or a unique design that you create. Put all of the squares together to create a patchwork quilt of love and hope. You can even create a "theme" based quilt. For example, each person could do a theme word, such as "Hope," "Faith" or "Love" and they could all be combined together to form good wishes for the cancer patient you love.




Any of the cancer gifts we have mentioned can be combined into a gift bag or gift basket. The woodblock scarf and tote is a creative way to combine your gifts into a lovely presentation.We have assembled some inspirational quotes for cancer patients that you may wish to share as well. See our Cancer Patient Quotes resource for quotes you may wish to share.There are many different types of gifts for cancer patients.

Whether it is giving your time, efforts, tangible gifts or resources, we do have the power to make a difference in our loved one's life. Moments of tenderness are cherished memories and the momentos and love behind them leave a lasting impression. 



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Were there any gift ideas we missed? Was this resource helpful? Please take a moment to leave us your feedback below.


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Hi - I work for Look Good Feel Better (LGFB), a charitable organization - and I refer cancer patients to your site frequently. We are putting together Demonstration Kits for use at the 2500 sites where we host free LGFB workshops for cancer patients. We need hats and scarves for these kits! Do you have any excess inventory you can donate? All donations are tax deductible. Donors will be listed on the LGFB website (, in our industry newsletter, on a card inside the demonstration kit, and on a card inside each of the complimentary skin care and cosmetic kits distributed (50,000 each year). A donation of any amount of hats or scarves is helpful, but we are looking for 2500 of each. The scarves should be the type that can be used as an alternative head-covering. I thank you for your consideration, and hope to hear from you. Sandi - LGFB (Posted on 09/16/2016)


Hi Sandi, Thank you for your referrals! We love Look Good Feel Better! Please give us a call at 1-800-264-4287. (09/19/2016)
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Thank you for this. My sister wanted to throw me a hat party because I am losing my hair due to chemotherapy treatments for lung cancer. I've sent her this link to help with ideas. (Posted on 01/05/2015)