Carol's Story in Pictures

Carol, in 1990, while undergoing chemotherapy. She is wearing the wig she had during treatment as her hair fell out completely.

Carol, following treatment, when her hair began to grow back. She could have used some nice headcoverings during her treatment and recovery, but unfortunately she could not find any. This is why she founded Headcovers Unlimited.

Left: When Carol was first diagnosed with stage II breast cancer, her goal was to live long enough to see her youngest child graduate from high school. Marc was only 6 years old at the time. Here they are back in 1990. She is wearing her wig as she had lost her hair from chemotherapy treatments.

Right: Carol's dream was realized in 2002. This photo was taken just before Marc's senior prom, only a few days before he graduated from high school. This day was a major milestone and accomplishment, for both Marc and Carol.

Left: Not only did Carol realize her dream of seeing her youngest son graduate from high school, she was there for his college graduation as well.

Right: Witnessing his mother's battle with breast cancer throughout his childhood, Marc was inspired to become a doctor. Here is Carol proudly posing with Marc at one of his medical school ceremonies. She is wearing a wig in this picture as she experienced hair loss many times throughout her 20 year battle with cancer. Marc is now an anesthesiologist.

At one point, Carol didn't think that she would live to see her grandchildren. She was able to witness the birth of all three of them - a granddaughter and two grandsons. Here she is enjoying her grandchildren - Scott, Thomas and Emily. They loved her very much.

Carol's story demonstrates that life goes on, even after a cancer diagnosis. Here she is with Danielle on a trip to Hawaii. Carol was able to take many vacations and discovered a love for travel, including trips to China and Italy.

Left: Emily (Danielle's daughter and Carol's granddaughter) grew up at Headcovers. Here she is in 1998, wearing one of her favorites. You can see more pictures of Emily by visiting our children's hat section.

Right: Here is a more recent photo of Emily, wearing one of our hats for her high school "Great Gatsby" costume party. Emily is currently a senior in college. Many of the details you will find on our website are her creations.

Carol was in remission for many years. When her cancer returned, she fought it bravely and courageously. Even after the cancer had spread throughout her body, she was still able to enjoy special moments with her grandchildren. This photo was taken in between some of her later treatments. Her hair was growing back in.

This photo was taken just a few days before Carol passed. During her 20 year battle with breast cancer, she participated in many clinical trials at MD Anderson Cancer Center. She endured much, but it brought her joy to be able to contribute to breast cancer research in this way. She was the first to try many new treatments that have pioneered the way for other cancer patients.

Left: Carol was a beautiful woman, full of life, with an amazing sense of humor even into her final days. The photo on the left was taken 15 years after she was first diagnosed with cancer. Carol was a 20 year cancer survivor who inspired many. Having fulfilled all of the dreams and goals she set for herself after her initial cancer diagnosis, she left this world victoriously. She is dearly loved and missed. She leaves behind a legacy of hope and love.

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