Carol's Legacy

young breast cancer survivor young breast cancer survivor
You will never know the residual whispers
That will echo through the hearts of those you loved
Simple gifts left at the feet of your children
The profound imprint will never fade
You will live in your children
They will carry your light
And show the way
Of the path of strength and love
A missionary pioneering a cause
Her pain she converted to countless smiles
And her story strength to the weak
She will live in the hearts of many
Wit so quick
Laughter precedes comprehension
On toes one must stand
alert not to miss it
The hair, like the personality
Fiery and full of life
Stirs the atmosphere
Into a sensuous excitement
A maker of false witnesses
Breaking medical models
Baffling the foreseers
Skewing all odds
Deaf to predictions
She will not be told when
She will not be told where
The gift of time she bears
A contender finishing the twelve
She conquered death
And victoriously lived
And graciously bestowed a legacy


~Keith Yates
breast cancer survivor breast cancer survivor
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