How to Style a Synthetic Wig

With today's quality synthetic wigs, styling your hair has never been easier! There are just a few tips and tricks to keep your synthetic wig looking its best. Here are our Top 10 wig styling tips for synthetic wigs.


Spray Bottle

Invest in a spray bottle filled with clean, cool water to lightly spritz your wig when styling. Spritzing the wig with the spray bottle and using your fingers to style can help to revitalize limp strands or smooth frizz without washing the entire wig while also removing static electricity. Most short wigs are easy to manipulate using just your fingertips, and longer wigs can be smoothed down with the hands and the ends can be managed with fingertips as well.


Don't Brush a Wet Wig

When brushing your dry wig, always use a brush or comb specifically designed to use with wigs, as regular brushes made for natural hair can pull on and damage the wig fibers. Use short strokes on wigs with waves or loose curls, as to not pull the curl out of the strand. For smooth styles, use long strokes with light pressure. Use a pick comb to gently style ringlet curls to reduce frizz and manage fly aways.


Wig Care Products

Only use styling and washing products designed for use with wigs. Never use products designed for human hair. A wig spray or wig mousse is a great tool for holding your style. Work mousse through dry, smooth styles and lightly brush for soft hold. For curly styles, apply mousse to hands and lightly scrunch the style.


No Heat

Do not use heated styling tools with wigs that are not specifically labeled as "heat friendly" or 100% human hair. Heat will damage synthetic fibers and can melt or burn them, ruining the wig.


Restoring Style

In order to return your wig to it's original style, wash the wig in cool water using only shampoos and conditioners designed for use with wigs, and air dry. This will allow the fibers to return to their original state and give you a clean slate for endless styling possibilities.


More Volume?

For volume at the roots, tease or back comb the underside of individual layers, smoothing the top of the strands back as you go. For a light lift, use a wig comb to gently lift the roots away from the cap. Lightly spray with wig spray to set the style.


Cutting Your Wig

Yes, you can cut your wig. Customize your look by having a professional stylist with wig cutting experience trim and shape your wig. Be sure to get the stylist to cut the wig while you are wearing it for a look that is tailored to your particular face shape.


Keeping Your Wig On While Styling

Wearing a chin strap can help hold the wig in place while it is being cut or styled. This prevents slippage and ensures that you get your style looking just right.


Styling Bangs

Styling bangs on your wig requires a bit of finesse. When you put your wig on, position it slightly below the natural hairline if bangs will be worn mostly pushed back off of the face. To get volume in the bangs, brush them from the underside with an upward stroke and let the bangs fall back into place.



Personalize the look of your wig by adding scarves or headbands on top. Using these accessories can help to add color and brightness around the face, as well as create an added sense of security.



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