Hair Halo | Bangs & Hat Hair

If you thought a wig was the only way to get the look of hair - think again! We have designed halo hair, bangs and attachable hair for hats especially for the needs of chemo patients, cancer patients and women with hair loss. These hairpieces offer an affordable and fashionable option perfect for anyone wanting to take on a new look after hair loss. Bangs can be attached to the front of hats, scarves, head wraps, or any other headwear with our specialized headband or with simple hook and loop, or scratch, fasteners. Our halo hair offers the look of a full wig without the warmth and bulkiness of a full wig. Halo hair pieces slip comfortably on the head and give the look of a full wig with an open top for comfort and ventilation. This attachable hair for hats offers a cool, lightweight option for any hat or headwear style. For the price of one wig you can have a variety of choices for how you want your hair today. These easy to use styles are cool and comfortable, a fashionable alternative to the traditional wig. Our instant "hats with hair" can be mixed and matched for an unlimited number of combinations. Hats are sold separately.



Our "Hats with Hair" Hairpieces

Our "Bangs" and "Hair for Hats' are designed to be worn underneath any head covering. The addition of a hair accessory to your headwear provides a truly natural look, without the negatives of wearing a full wig. Browse our hair accessory options for easy to wear hair that is comfortable and convenient for any occasion. Hair for hats are designed to offer a more complete look with more hair that extends under a hat or other head wear all around the head.