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Shampoo for Sensitive Scalps | Alra Mild Conditioning Shampoo

Item NumberCO-10024

Alra Mild Conditioning Shampoo for Sensitive Scalps

Item NumberCO-10024

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Our Price: $19.99
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Cancer treatment can reek havoc on your hair and scalp. Patients may experience hair loss, sensitive scalp, or hair that is dry and brittle. Using an extremely gentle and conditioning shampoo is a necessity. 

Alra Mild Conditioning Shampoo is specifically formulated to be safe for use with cancer treatments. While undergoing treatment that can cause hair loss, it is important to take extra gentle care of the scalp. Avoiding the use of hair products like get or hair spray, heated styling tools, or hair chemicals is reccomended. This shampoo will help soothe an irritated scalp while protecting it from the harmful effects of chemotherapy or radiation. 

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Alra Mild Conditioning Shampoo utilizes a balanced system of surfactants to reduce irritation, while still providing excellent cleansing. You'll notice increased manageability when combing your hair, wet or dry.  Oil of rosemary stimulates circulation in the small capillaries of the scalp, important in retention and growth of hair. DL Panthenol, known as Pro Vitamin B5, provides moisture while Aloe Vera Gel soothes the scalp. The conditioning shampoo can also be used as a total body cleansing gel if desired.

Directions: Apply a 1 inch circle sized amount of shampoo to wet hair (If you are experieincing alopecia or hair loss, use about half of this amount.) Gently work the shampoo through the hair and massage the scalp with your fingers. Rinse hair and scalp completely with warm water. Gently towel dry hair and scalp.

Alra Therapy Lotion can be applied to the scalp after washing to gently moisturize and relieve irritation.