5 Insider Wig Accessories for a Salon Look

When wearing a wig, basic accessories like shampoo, conditioner, a wide tooth comb and a wig cap, may seem like the only essentials you need. However, if you plan to wear your wig often, you may want to invest in a few additional accessories to make wig wearing easier and more comfortable. Experts have a few tricks in their bag to achieve a comfortable fit and a salon look. Here are our top 5 insider wig accessories to style and wear your wig like an expert!

Styling Mousse or Styling Spraywig-mousse-2

While you wig may look great right out of the box, you might want to add a little variety to your style by texturizing longer hair at the roots or adding a spiky look to short wigs. You can easily add volume to any wig by using a bit of styling mousse. We love Brandywine Volumizing Mousse to get a good hold. Simply pump an adequate amount of product into your hands and work through hair as desired to add texture and volume.

To set your style, you can use Brandywine Wig Styling Hair Spray once you are finished styling your wig. This light mist dries clear and will help your wig style last throughout the day. We have a how-to video detailing how to use these two styling products in our Wig Library on our Synthetic Wig Care page.


Wig Wand


This innovative product is perfect for removing shine from synthetic wigs. While synthetic wigs have come a long way in recent years and our high quality wigs look very natural, some people still prefer to have less shine on their wig to give it an even more natural appearance. Maybe you have an older wig or a lesser quality wig that you want to spruce up? A Wig Wand is perfect for that!

The Wig Wand is a soft, fluffy brush that contains anti-shine powder within the brush pouf. Simply tap the wand lightly over your wig and comb through to remove any unwanted shine. You won't regret investing in this easy to use product.


Cushion Band Gel Headband or Wig Gripper

Comfort is key when it comes to wig wearing. Many women feel most comfortable when they have some sort of barrier between their scalp and the interior of their wig cap. For most, this will come in the form of a wig cap. However, there are several options available that help create an even more comfortable barrier between your scalp and the wig cap.

A Wig Gripper is a comfortable velour headband that serves a dual purpose. It not only provides a level of comfort, but helps to keep your wig from sliding back on your head. It has a soft feel, making it perfect for bald scalps.


Our Cushion Band Gel Headband is a favorite among wig wearers. It provides a comfortable barrier between the head and wig cap to help relieve pressure points and reduce shear forces to prevent pressure sores from forming. It is non allergenic and the unique gel construction conforms to your head to give you the most comfortable feel when wearing your wig.



Wig Chin Strap


Many wig wearers don't realize that it is easier to style a wig while it is on your head. This helps you to get the most natural look, as you can tailor your style to what looks best on you. However, combing, teasing, or working product through your wig with your fingertips can sometimes cause your wig to shift out of place on your head. The most simple solution for this problem is to use a chin strap to keep your wig in place.

Wig Chin Straps are easy to use. You simply clip each end of the strap to the ear tabs of your wig and tighten the bottom of the strap as needed to secure the wig. Once you are finished styling your wig, simply remove the clips from the ear tabs and you are ready to rock your freshly styled wig!


Spray Bottle

A spray bottle filled with clean, cool water is the absolute best styling tool for your wig. Spritzing your wig with plain water can help to revitalize the strands and make styling a breeze without having to wash the entire wig. Using a spray bottle can help direct the water onto just the right areas to ensure that you get the best style possible. After spraying the strands, use a wide tooth wig comb to smooth the hair and style as desired.


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