Top 10 Mammogram Memes

Mammograms are rarely at the top of our "I can't wait to do this" list. But where else can you sit in a room with other women in robes sporting look-alike "deer in the headlight" looks. It's something all womankind can share. It's no surprise then that mammogram memes are so popular. Laughter is medicine, and there are plenty of things to laugh about—like how weird the word "mammogram" is.  In honor of breast cancer awareness month, here are our top 10 mammogram memes. 


Mammogram Meme #1:

Men definitely couldn't handle a man-o-gram.

Breast cancer memes: man-ogram

"Okay Mr. Smith, just stick it in between those two devices."

"If Women Ran the World"



Mammogram Meme #2:

Who invented the word mammogram anyway? What a weird word.

breast cancer memes: mammogram envelope

"Whoever thought up the word mammogram? Every time I hear it, I think I'm supposed to put my breast in an envelope and send it to someone." -Jan King



Mammogram Meme #3:

Yep... Mammogram is definitely a weird word.

breast cancer memes: mammogram mammoth

"Honey, it's for you. I think it's a mammogram."

Cartoon from



Mammogram Meme #4:

How about a moo-magram? We all know how that cow feels...

breast cancer memes: moomagram



Mammogram Meme #5:

And you should never forget to prepare for your mammogram...

breast cancer memes: prepping for your mammogram


Breast Cancer Meme #6:

Squashed boobs. Enough said.

breast cancer memes: I did have my mammogram today

"Yes, I did have my mammogram today... why do you ask?"


Breast Cancer Meme #7:

And more squished boobs, just for good measure.

breast cancer memes: your mammogram isn't noticeable

"No Girlfriend, it's not noticeable at all!"


Mammogram Meme #8:

At least now we have hilarious meme-ograms

breast cancer memes memeogram

"Well, I suppose if you want to put your mammogram results online, that's entirely up to you..."

"Had my mammogram today; it was smashing."

"Angela would go on to start a new meme sub-genre called 'meme-ograms.'"



Mammogram Meme #9:

Singing delivery gram... er mammogram.

"We wish you a merry squish miss, we wish you a merry squish miss."

"Singing Mammogram"


Mammogram Meme #10:

...And delicious Mammo-Grahms! 

Breast cancer memes: mammo-grahams


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Did you enjoy these funny mammogram memes? Do you have a meme you would like us to add? Leave us your comments below.