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Swim Caps for Long Hair | Best Swimming Cap for Long Hair

It takes time to grow long hair. We invest in any number of specially formulated shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments in order to protect our hair and keep it looking healthy. Yet, some of us jump into the pool without even a second thought. Chlorine can be extremely hard on your hair (even damaging it on a chemical level) so protecting it while swimming is a must. This is especially true for long hair. There are a number of things you can do to protect your hair while swimming. Our guide on protecting your hair while swimming will provide many useful tips. One of the primary things you can do to protect your long hair is to wear a swim cap. If you have come to this page, you probably already know this, or you wouldn't be seeking out a swim cap for long hair. When seeking a swim cap for long hair, there are many considerations:



Best Materials When Selecting Swim Caps for Long Hair:

Certain swim cap materials can be more difficult to work with than others if you have long hair. Here are the common materials used in swim caps.



Though an inexpensive option, latex is our least favorite material for a long hair swim cap. It has a tendency to catch on the hair and will not glide on like other materials. If you have long hair, you are likely to find latex swim caps difficult to work with. Some individuals are also allergic to latex.



Although lycra is comfortable and will not pull on your hair, it is also more permeable than other materials so will not provide the same degree of protection.



Swim caps made from silicone are one of our top choices for a long hair swim cap. Silicone is a smooth and will not catch on the hair the way latex can when putting on the swim cap. It's also a thicker materials so it is less likely to tear.



Rubber is also a great material for swim caps that will be used for long hair. It's thick and provides an excellent level of protection. In fact, our Waffle Weave Swim Caps are our favorite option for women with long hair. 



Special Long Hair Swim Caps


Swim caps marketed as "Long Hair Swim Caps" such as this swim cap by Tyr and this swim cap by Speedo are made a little bit larger on the top to accommodate long hair. Because there is extra space in the top of the cap, women or girls with long hair can put their hair in a bun and then wear the swim cap over the bun. If your hair isn't long enough to put into a bun, this type of swim cap may not be the best option for you. 


Waffle Weave or "Bubble" Swim Caps: These swim caps are made of rubber and have a textured surface. We love the look of these and we even offer a few retro styles to keep you looking on point in the pool. They glide easily over long hair and provide an excellent level of protection. 




Will a Swim Cap Keep My Hair Dry?

There is no swim cap that can keep your hair completely dry. Water is such that even a tiny air pocket between your swim cap and scalp will allow water to come in. We offer a Swim Headband that is designed to be worn underneath your swim cap. This Hair Guard Headband will provide the highest level of protection possible. It provides an additional layer of protection and if applied correctly, many have been able to achieve a watertight seal. However, no swim cap or swim cap accessory can guarantee a waterproof seal when submerging your head under water or during heavy competitive swimming. For those who do not submerge their hair while swimming, a swim headband worn with a swim cap should keep the water completely out. Of course, certain swim caps will keep your hair more dry than others. Visit our Swim Cap Buying Guide for more information.

If a swim cap will not keep your hair completely dry then why would you wear one?  Even though some water may permeate your swim cap, they still provide an excellent level of protection from chlorine damage. Swim caps prevent your hair from swishing through the chlorine water, which helps considerably. In addition, swim caps are also a great option for keeping long hair out of your face. 

How Else Can I Protect My Hair While Swimming?

We have prepared this guide which gives more pointers on how to keep your hair protected while swimming. Be sure to read our tips because there are many here that you will want to know about.


Swim caps are a must for protecting your hair if you will be swimming in a chlorinated pool. A swim headband can help keep your hair as dry as possible. Selecting a rubber or silicone swim cap or a swim cap designed for long hair are the best options. 

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