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Wedding Hair Pieces

When creating their dream wedding, most brides have a clear image of what their ideal look will be. The picture perfect dress is often topped off by a gorgeous hairstyle that will stop a groom in his tracks. To get the luxurious look of your dreams, using hair extensions and hair accessories can make the hair styling process easier and give you the over-the-top beautiful look you desire.

Hair extensions and accessory hair pieces are great options for bridal hair additions. Each type offers it's own set of characteristics to help enhance your existing hair on your special day. Take a look at the types of hair pieces we offer to take your bridal look to the next level.

Many brides spend the months leading up to their wedding growing out their hair, but an easier and faster way to get fantastically luscious wedding day locks is to use hair extensions.


Hair extensions are not just for adding extra length to your hair. They can also be used to add fullness to the hair. Strategically placing extensions throughout your hair can create a voluminous look that makes creating up-dos easier, or just give you a more luxurious look with hair that is styled down on your big day.


While some brides prefer bonded or sewn-in extensions, clip in extensions can offer styling versatility and an easy-to-use temporary way to add volume or length to your hairstyle. Prices vary depending on the amount of extensions needed and the type of hair fiber you select. We recommend heat friendly synthetic or human hair extensions because they can be heat styled to match your hair's existing texture. Synthetic extensions are also a great budget-friendly option because they look so realistic and can be easily blended into your own hair.

Hair extensions come in several widths. You can apply extensions as one solid strip that extends the width of your head or use individual strip extensions with smaller widths in various areas. This type of versatility allows you to customize your look to best fit the style you are trying to achieve.

Tips for applying extensions:

  1. Tease the root of your hair in the area where the extension will be placed. This gives the clips a better area to hold on to and provides a solid grip to help the clip to stay in place.

  2. Hide the clips by ensuring that there is plenty of hair in the top layer laying over the extensions. If you find that you can still see the clips once your extensions are in, remove the clip and place it lower underneath more of your hair.

  3. Have an experienced stylist trim your extensions to customize the desired length and create a seamless look that blends with your natural hair flawlessly.

Adding Clip-in Bangs to your existing hairstyle is the perfect way to add a sleek style of bangs to your look without making a permanent change to your everyday style. These easy-to-use pieces clip into your existing hair much like hair extensions and can help add an elegant touch to your wedding day style. Whether you choose elegant side swept bangs or an edgy straight cut fringe look, you're sure to love the ease and versatility that clip-in bangs can provide on your big day.

Hair Wraps & Buns

Hair wraps are one of the easiest ways to achieve the perfect up-do. Pull your hair back and attach. Voila!

These easy to use hair pieces can add the perfect finishing touch to your wedding day look. Each of these accessories features pre-styled hair that is easily added to your existing hair. Pretty ponytails, glamorous hair wraps and perfectly posh buns are a great way to dress up any wedding style.

A headband with hair, like our Corinthian headband, is the perfect accessory for dressing up hairstyles that are worn up or down. The elastic headband slips on easily and stays in place all day long. It's perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your wedding look.

These lovely braids are ideal for women who want to style their own hair for the big day. They clip in or wrap around hair and can be easily applied with just a bit of practice to add an interesting touch to your wedding hairstyle.


Hair accessory pieces are also a great inexpensive addition to bridesmaid hairstyles as well. It's easy to have each bridesmaid select the correct color and then add a bun, wrap, ponytail or headband with hair to their existing hair to get a sense of uniformity in styles.

Choosing Your Wedding Hairpiece Color

Selecting a color is an important part of ensuring that you get the look that you want with the hairpiece that you choose. If you're not sure where to start, we offer free wig consultations with our certified wig specialist who can assist in finding the perfect color match for your hair piece and also speak with you about which specific hair pieces will work best for you.


Many customers send us photos of themselves so that our wig consultant can get an idea of what you are looking for. The more photos you provide, the better idea it will give us of the look you want. We can't wait to help make you feel absolutely beautiful on your big day!

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