Temporary Eyebrow Tattoos - Eyebrow Replacement for Hair Loss

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Eyebrow Tattoos #17: Basic Eyebrow Tattoos
  Product Id: EE-11959

Our semi-permanent patented eyebrow tattoos are applied to the skin, with water, in about 60 seconds. For perfect eyebrows every time!  This popular, realistic shape is featured in 11 different shades to match your hair color.


This popular shape is 2 1/4 inches wide.

Once applied, our eyebrow tattoos do not smudge or smear away. They can last for 2 - 3 days or more and they are waterproof.  Symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing, this product will simplify your morning routine.

Our semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos cause no discomfort to apply or remove. They are manufactured with safe inks and have FDA approval. Because our eyebrow tattoos are made with vegetable dye, slight variations in color may occur. They can be removed easily with makeup removal pads or baby oil.

Our basic eyebrow tattoos come on a sheet with 8 pair of eyebrows included per sheet.

Price: $5.50

Available Colors:

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#17 Blonde Tattoo#17 Medium Brown Tattoo#17 Ginger Brown Tattoo#17 Dark Brown Tattoo#17 Grey Tattoo#17 Darkest Brown Tattoo#17 Ash Brown Tattoo#17 Pecan Brown Tattoo
#17 Lt. Strawberry Blonde Tattoo#17 Light Auburn Tattoo#17 Strawberry Blonde Tattoo

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