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Detachable Hair - Instant Hair for Hats
  Product Id: HP-292

This strip of hair will easily Velcro inside any hat.


This long, straight strip of hair is attached to a Velcro band. To use, sew or glue a strip of Velcro inside of your hat. Then attach the hair inside with the sewn in Velcro. The hair can easily attach to any hat that has a Velcro strip inside.

To make this hair even easier to use, we have invented the Instant Hair Headband™. Our patent pending Instant Hair Headband™ eliminates the need to attach a Velcro strip inside of each headwear item. With this new invention, you can easily move your hair between headwear items, creating "Instant Hair"™. For those who prefer a hairpiece that does not require Velcro attachments, please see our hair liners and our hair halo.

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First Picture: Color - 12/26S

Price: $24.99

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6-Dark Chocolate

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