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Cardani False Eyelashes #100: Basic Layered Eyelash

Many individuals who experience hair loss will lose their eyelashes. These premium quality false eyelashes create the most natural look possible.  A time tested customer favorite, this truly natural looking artificial eyelash features multi-layered eyelash hairs with natural variations in length.  Our basic flare eyelash mimics the natural growth pattern of your eyelashes. They look like real eyelashes - not too long and not too thick like the fake eyelashes seen elsewhere.

Price: $4.99

False Eyelashes #103: Short Flare Eyelash for Men or Women

This natural looking false eyelash is the shortest eyelash in our collection and is an excellent choice for men whose hair loss has extended to their eyelashes.  Very natural looking, these eyelashes can be worn by men and women who want an understated look.  This lash is tapered so that it is longer in the middle and shorter on the sides, to mimic a natural eyelash line.  An invisible lashline offers a natural appearance.

Price: $4.99

Cardani False Eyelashes #201 - Natural Layers Eyelash

New!  Created by Cardani® exclusively for Headcovers.com, these premium quality false eyelashes are absolutely exquisite. The super fine eyelash hairs are thin and feathery, creating a soft, feminine look. These artificial eyelashes feature double layers that create depth and definition to the eyes.  Guaranteed to impress.

Price: $6.99

Cardani False Eyelashes #217 - Natural Essentials Low Volume Eyelash

New!  This truly natural looking false eyelash will be your new "go to" lash. This premium quality eyelash is so beautifully detailed, each hair is masterfully placed to provide a natural look. The understated volume and delicate, super thin lash line provide a feminine, realistic appearance.

Price: $5.99

Indelible Eyeliner

If you've been desperately seeking an eyeliner that stays put, here it is! Our fantastic eyeliner is waterproof and includes a smudger on the opposite end.  This professional quality eyeliner is ideal for helping to conceal the lash band on your false eyelashes.

Price: $10.99

False Eyelashes #101: Varied Volume Eyelash - Long Length

This artificial eyelash features alternating variations in volume, like real eyelashes.  The invisible lash line makes this eyelash truly seamless.   The understated volume and variable lengths and fullnesses give a natural tapered effect. The slightly uneven distribution of eyelash hairs acentuate the eyes beautifully.  We have paid attention to every detail - this is not your typical fake eyelash.

Price: $4.99

False Eyelashes #108: Basic Flare Eyelash - Natural Length

These short length eyelashes are a great choice for those who don't know where to start.  They are versatile enough to work for a wide range of preferences.  They feature a natural length and a medium volume.

Price: $4.99

Cardani False Eyelashes #231 - True to Life Eyelash

We paid attention to every detail when creating these truly natural false eyelashes. Similiar to Mac 31 eyelashes, this eyelash features a natural blend of hair colors, with wispy hairs and slightly staggered individual hairs for a realistic look.  Finally, a fake eyelash that looks real!

Price: $5.99

Secure Hold - Eyelash Glue and Eyebrow Adhesive by Cardani

Formulated for Headcovers.com by Cardani®, our Secure Hold™ Eyelash and Eyebrow Glue is formulated for long-lasting staying power. This latex-free formula will keep your false eyelashes and eyebrows securely in place for days! Stay worry-free with our superior strength eyelash bonding adhesive. Recommended for use with our strip eyelashes and our Realistic Eyebrows.

Price: $4.99

Cardani False Eyelash #232 - Natural Everyday Eyelash

This false eyelash looks unbelievably real!  This artificial eyelash must be seen on the eyes in order to fully appreciate how realistic it looks. Individual eyelash hairs are combined with lash bundles, creating realistic fullness that mimics the growth pattern of natural eyelashes.  The perfect choice for a natural appearance every day. Compare to Mac 32 eyelash.

Price: $5.99