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Clinging Cross for Cancer Patients

Our clinging cross is designed to hold in the hands and cling to. It's a thoughtful gift for a cancer patient, or anyone going through challenges in life.

Price: $18.99

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Crystal & Sterling Silver Bracelet
Our stunning ovarian cancer awareness bracelet is made from sterling silver and the finest Swarovski crystals. Featuring teal accents for ovarian cancer awareness and a sterling silver awareness ribbon.  The bracelet comes complete in its own mesh bag with a descriptive card about the bracelet.

Price: $79.99

The Remembrance Bracelet - Sterling Silver Bereavement Gift

Our Remembrance Bracelet makes an incredibly thoughtful sympathy gift for anyone who would like to remember someone special. It is made of sterling silver, pearls, and genuine Swarovski crystals. Our exclusive handmade design ensures this bracelet is as unique as the special person you're remembering.

Price: $69.99

Autism Awareness Bracelet in Sterling Silver

Support autism awareness by wearing this beautiful handmade bracelet.

Anyone whose life has been touched by autism will appreciate this bracelet.

Price: $74.99

Sterling Silver and Enamel Awareness Ribbon Charm

These beautifully crafted charms are made in sterling silver with enamel accents.  3/4" in length, they are large enough to be worn as a necklace on a chain, yet small enough they could also be hung from a charm bracelet.  Choose your color, for the awareness ribbon of your choice.

Price: $6.99

Lung Cancer Bracelet - Sterling Silver Awareness Jewelry

This exquisite bracelet, fashioned in sterling silver, pearls and genuine Swarovski crystals, is designed exclusively for lung cancer and emphysema awareness. These bracelets make excellent gifts for lung cancer patients, for loved ones who wear the bracelet in support or in solidarity, or to commemorate important milestones in a patient's or family member's life.  Help support lung cancer awareness by wearing this beautiful handmade bracelet.

Price: $69.99

Alopecia Awareness Ribbon Bracelet - Sterling Silver

Show your support for alopecia awareness by wearing this beautiful alopecia awareness bracelet fashioned in sterling silver with cultured pearls and irridescent Swarovski crystal beads.

Price: $64.99

Cancer Awareness Tack Pin - Choose Ribbon Color

Choose from several colors of awareness ribbons to support your cause.  Ribbons are available for: Breast Cancer, Alopecia, Lung Cancer and Emphysema, Ovarian Cancer, Uterine Cancer, Brain Cancer and Cancer Survivors.

Price: $4.99

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Bracelet - Sterling Silver

Support awareness for Multiple Sclerosis by wearing this beautiful handmade bracelet.

Price: $79.99

Serenity Prayer Twist Bracelet

Our unique Serenity Prayer Twist Bracelet makes a thoughtful gift for a cancer patient or anyone who is facing a challenge.  When worn, this bracelet can serve as a beautiful reminder to remain serene by trusting in your higher power.

Price: $9.99