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Breast Cancer Survivor Magnet - Survivors Are Sisters

This large, high quality breast cancer survivor magnet features a fully magnetized back. It says, "Breast cancer survivors are sisters at heart."

Price: $7.99

Think Pink Baseball Cap for Breast Cancer Awareness

This fashionable cap for breast cancer awareness features an embroidered "Think Pink" logo with breast cancer awareness ribbons.  This unique cap features sparkly jewels throughout the design.

Price: $20.99

The Remembrance Bracelet - Sterling Silver Bereavement Gift

Our Remembrance Bracelet makes an incredibly thoughtful sympathy gift for anyone who would like to remember someone special. It is made of sterling silver, pearls, and genuine Swarovski crystals. Our exclusive handmade design ensures this bracelet is as unique as the special person you're remembering.

Price: $69.99

"Awareness" Iridescent Cancer Bracelet - Sterling Silver

This bracelet represents awareness and hope for a cure. Our Iridescent Cancer Bracelet is made with Swarovski crystal, sterling silver and pearls. The crystals display a lustrous, rainbow-like display of colors while the ribbon charm represents awareness and HOPE for  a cure.

Price: $69.99

"Survivor" - Sterling Silver Cancer Bracelet for Survivors

Whether you're commemorating the first treatment, the end of treatments, 1 year survival achievement, 5 year survival achievement or just to show you care, our beautiful Survivor Bracelet is perfect to mark important recovery milestones. This bracelet is made using sterling silver, the finest Swarovski crystals and pearls.

Price: $69.99

Inspirational Magnet - What Cancer Cannot Do

This magnet features the inspirational poem, "What Cancer Cannot Do." Put this magnet in a prominent place, as a reminder that there is always hope. 

Price: $7.99

Cancer Awareness Keychain - Fight Like A Woman

This boxing glove keychain with the words "Fight Like A Woman" encourages the cancer patient or survivor to keep fighting.  An excellent choice for a woman facing any challenge in life.

Price: $6.99

Little Miracles Book for Cancer Patients

This book offers cherished messages of hope, joy, love, kindness and courage. It rekindles our faith in miracles and each other.

Price: $13.99

Sterling Silver and Crystal Cancer Survivor Earrings

Our cancer survivor earrings are made of sterling silver and the finest Swarovski crystals.

Price: $19.99

Chicken Soup for the Soul- The Cancer Book

These are intimate stories told by cancer patients and their loved ones, medical professionals, and friends, are a must-read for anyone affected by cancer. The writers shere all their experiences-from the initial diagnosis, to breaking the news to loved ones, to discussing the effect on home, school, and work. Stories also cover securing a medical team, living through an ever-changing self-image, the embarrassment of losing hair, and discovering a new spirituality.

Price: $14.95