Hats, turbans and wigs for hair loss. For cancer, chemotherapy, alopecia, trichotillomania and other medical patients.

hats, turbans, wigs & gifts for cancer chemotherapy patients  


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Hats with Hair - Short Hair Halo

This halo of hair can be worn underneath any hat, to give the look of hair peeking out.

Price: $35.99

Hair Liner - Straight Bob

If you are looking for a hat with hair, here you go! This hair can be worn underneath ANY hat!

Price: $34.99

Ultimate Fringe Bangs - Add a Bang

A Headcovers.com exclusive! We have listened to our customers' requests and have developed a thinner, more natural looking bang, a perfect compliment to your headwear wardrobe.

Price: $14.99

Hats with Hair - Medium Hair Halo

This attractive hairpiece features a halo of hair, which is open in the middle, for coolness.

Price: $35.99

Hats with Hair - Curly Hair Liner

This "hats with hair" hairpiece can be worn underneath any hat. The same construction as our straight hair liner, but curly!

Price: $34.99

Hats with Hair - Hair Liner - Extra Long

This "hats with hair" hairpiece can be worn underneath any hat.

Price: $39.99

Page Band

This wonderful hairpiece is as easy to wear as a hat or scarf.

Price: $135.00

201 Extra Wide Bangs

These extra wide bangs will attach inside any hat, turban or scarf.

Price: $25.00

Cushion Band - Gel Headband - Grips Wigs

The Cushion BandTM  is a therapeutic gel filled headband worn under your wig or hat, to make it more comfortable and secure.  It helps to reduce shear forces of the wig on the skin and distributes the weight of the wig evenly.  It prevents wigs from slipping and riding up on the head. The Cushion BandTM grips securely to the skin, holding your wig firmly and comfortably in place.

Price: $25.00

Baseball Hat with Hair: 8229 Long Hat Beige
Designed for comfort, beautifully blended hair is permanently attached to a 100% cotton baseball cap creating a ready-to-wear hair fashion alternative with no styling needed.

Price: $95.00