Human Hair Bangs - Attach Inside Hats, Turbans or Scarves

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Detachable Fringe Bangs in Human Hair
  Product Id: HP-12097

We now offer bangs made of real human hair.  These extra wide bangs will add the look of hair in front of any hat, turban, scarf or headwrap.  Human hair is attached to a Velcro strip, which can be put inside your headwear.


These extra wide bangs are approximately 8.5 inches wide.  The generous sizing frames the face and temple area.  Buy two pair and put one in the back of your hat, to give the illusion of hair peeking out of the back.

The hair on our fringe is ultra thinly wefted, giving a thin, natural look that is not bulky or overpowering. A perfect compliment when you want to have a hint of hair showing underneath your hat, scarf or turban. 

The hair for this hairpiece is attached to a velcro strip, allowing it to be secured inside any hat, turban or scarf by simply inserting the opposite side of the velcro into your headwear. 

To make this hair even easier to use, we have invented the Instant Hair Headband™. Our patent pending Instant Hair Headband™ eliminates the need to attach a Velcro strip inside of each headwear item.  With this new invention, you can easily move your fringe between headwear items, creating "Instant Hair"™. 

Please note that the scarves shown are sold separately and are not included.  This hairpiece is pictured in HH613: Light Golden Blonde and HH8: Honey Pecan.

Price: $24.95

Available Colors:

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HH2 - Dark BrownHH4 - Medium Dark Brown w/ Auburn Hi-LitesHH18 - Medium BlondeHH613 - Light Golden BlondeHH27 - ButterscotchHH30 - Medium Brownish RedHH1B - Darkest BrownHH44 - Medium Ash Brown w/ 75% Grey
HH8 - Honey Pecan

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