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Videos: How to Wear a Wig

How to Measure Your Head Size for a Wig

Women's Wig Sizes:


Circumference is your primary and most important measurement for selecting a wig size.

How to Choose a Wig Color 

There are several options for choosing a wig color:

  • Send a Hair Swatch
  • Send a Picture
  • Cross Reference
  • Phone Consultation
  • Buy a Color Ring
  • Online Swatches
Visit our Wig Color Guidefor more information.

How to Wash Your Wig 

It is important that you only use products that are specifically designed for synthetic wigs.
To view the products featured in this video, visit our Wig Care Products Page.
For more information on taking care of your wig, see our Wig Care Information Page.

How to Style Your Wig

How to Keep Your Wig From Falling Off 

Helpful Links:
Another option for women who have their own hair is our Toupee Clips. These clipsare secured inside of your wig and then clipped to your existing hair, holding your wig in place.

Wig Construction Guide

Types of Wig Cap Construction:

  • Classic / Machine Made Cap
  • Monofilament Cap
  • Hand Tied
  • Lace Front

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