Cosmetics to manage the side effects of hair loss, cancer chemotherapy, alopecia & trichotillomania

hats, turbans, wigs & gifts for cancer chemotherapy patients  


eyebrows eyelashes deodorant for cancer chemo patientsOur cosmetic line is designed especially for those experiencing the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, or medical hair loss.  Our cosmetic line includes eyelash and eyebrow replacement products, non-metallic deodorant, sunscreens, lip balms and specialty lotions, shampoo, aromatherapy products and more. 

Each product is our cosmetic line is designed to meet the unique needs of cancer, chemotherapy, hair loss and radiation patients. Popular for cancer patient gift baskets, our cosmetics make a practical yet personal gift.  Buy an inexpensive basket and add hats, turbans, sleep caps, lip balms, sunscreens, our cancer patient journal, and one of our specialty bears.  Tie it with a pretty ribbon, or simply decorate a gift bag to create a wonderfully unique, personalized gift.